How boredom can benefit your child and make your mom life easier

Raluca Loteanu June 26, 2017
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boredom is good for kids
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After I wrote about our Bored Jar and I shared our list of activity ideas, I’ve got several emails telling me that it’s great that I manage to prevent my child from ... read more

7 easy homemade puzzles that young kids will enjoy

Raluca Loteanu June 24, 2017
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easy homemade puzzles
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Young kids learn by playing and having fun. And puzzles are great for this! Putting together a puzzle helps kids develop problem-solving skills. They also get the chance to prac... read more

Our favorite road trip games for young kids {12 free and fun ideas}

Raluca Loteanu June 22, 2017
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road trip games for young kids
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Keeping children entertained during a long car trip is not easy! If they get bored and frustrated by the long ride, the whole road trip becomes less enjoyable for everyone! We t... read more

Learn and play with 4 simple activities for young kids {OPM #3}

Raluca Loteanu June 19, 2017
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simple activities for young kids OPM
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Have you ever felt that you don’t have any idea what new activity to try with your child? Or that you found a lot of ideas but you just don’t get to put them into pr... read more

Learning and having fun at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose {Bay Area with kids}

Raluca Loteanu June 17, 2017
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We started a guide of wonderful places to visit with kids in Bay Area. One of these places is Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose! | Bay Area with kids | California with kids | San Jose with kids
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The Bay Area is an amazing place with a lot of wonderful things to discover! Whatever you live here or you are just visiting, the Bay Area has a lot to offer. If you are looking... read more

How to create a successful stay-at-home mom schedule {+printable planner}

Raluca Loteanu June 15, 2017
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stay-at-home mom schedule
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Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job! And it can become pretty overwhelming when everything is chaotic and unpredictable. This is why creating a successful stay-at-home ... read more

One simple planning tip to create an amazing summer schedule for kids

Raluca Loteanu June 12, 2017
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summer schedule for kids
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Some days ago I created our summer bucket list and I promised myself to be more intentional when it comes to creating wonderful family moments this summer. Besides having my lis... read more

My blogging journey: Six amazing months

Raluca Loteanu June 9, 2017
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my blogging journey
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This week, my blog reached its first milestone: half a year since my first post! My blogging journey during these months was really amazing! I always enjoy reading progress repo... read more

How to create a family meal plan to save money and time {+ printable meal planner}

Raluca Loteanu June 8, 2017
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how to create a family meal plan
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If you are a busy mom you probably know how difficult it can sometimes be to prepare healthy meals for the whole family. In a day full of tasks and activities, having something ... read more

A summer bucket list for young kids: Ideas for a happy summer {+ printable}

Raluca Loteanu June 7, 2017
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summer bucket list for young kids
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A few days ago I read something that I really never thought about: we only have 18 summers with our kids! When our kids are so young it seems that we will have plenty of time w... read more