Keeping kids busy during flights: Airplane scavenger hunt for young kids {printable}

Raluca Loteanu August 3, 2017
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airplane activities for young kids

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If you are preparing for a flight with your child, this airplane scavenger hunt for young kids can be a great way to make the trip more fun!

A scavenger way is the perfect activity to keep kids busy while waiting on the airport or during the flight. Here is how you can plan this activity.

You will need:

  • the printed scavenger hunt checklist (you can download it at the end of the article)
  • a pencil
  • card stock paper (optional - to print the checklist on it for more durability)

The rule of the game is very simple: you invite the child to find the items on the list. Once they find one of the items, they can check them on the list.

The game continues until they find all of them. (For the color hunt they need to find things that have each of the colors on the list.)

You can download our printable file for the scavenger hunt using the below instructions. If you want to discover more ideas for keeping kids busy during flight, check out this list: 5 great airplane activities for young kids.

Download the printable scavenger hunt

Our printable file contains:


  • 15+ printable resources: activities for kids, morning checklists, chore lists, planners, and much more
  • plus 12 months of ideas to help you build a happy relationship with your child
  • an airport scavenger hunt (to play before boarding)
  • an airplane scavenger hunt (to play during the flight)
  • a travel color hunt (to play anytime during the trip).

To download the printable you just need to subscribe using the below form. This will also give you access to the Playful Notes community. You will find there a lot of other ideas and our full printable collection.​

I wish you a pleasant flight and a happy vacation! 🙂

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