3 perfect books for keeping kids busy while traveling

Raluca Loteanu January 5, 2017
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books for keeping kids busy while traveling

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We often travel with Bogdan and our greatest challenge is to keep him busy when he gets bored. When we go on long trips I am always prepared with a lot of activities and over the time I discovered some great books for keeping kids busy while traveling.

If you are preparing for a long trip with your child, I have gathered here a list of 3 books that could make your trip easier. I am a big fan of the Usborne books since I first discovered them, so you will find here three of their books, I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

1. Usborne Wipe Clean books

The collection of Wipe-Clean books includes several topics from Animals to Numbers, all based on the same idea: the books are full of learning activities and are accompanied by a pen that can be easily wiped away. The books have brightly illustrated pages that are wipe-clean so that children can write on them with the special pen over and over again.

You can choose one of the books in the collection based on your child’s age and preferences, theyare suitable for age 3+. On Amazon you can find a lot of Wipe-Clean books to choose from.

We had 3 of them and we used them on long flights, they were perfect to keep Bogdan busy and happy. 🙂

2. Usborne Sticker books for keeping kids busy while traveling

Long drives mean a lot of time spent in the car seat, so I often use sticker books to give Bogdan some activities to do during the trip. There are a lot of sticker books to choose from, but I like the Usborne books most because they have nice illustrations and provide great activity ideas.

For small children (2 years+) I totally recommend the First sticker book series, we really enjoyed them! They have hundreds of reusable stickers, so they provide long term fun and are great for traveling!books for keeping kids busy while traveling


  • 15+ printable resources: activities for kids, morning checklists, chore lists, planners, and much more
  • plus 12 months of ideas to help you build a happy relationship with your child

3. The Usborne Little Children Travel Activity Book

This is the best travel activity book I found until now because it contains a wide range of activities and offers great learning opportunities. The book is a collection of write-in activities including puzzles, word searches, dot-to-dot, spot-the-difference, mazes and more.

It’ s the perfect book to add to the luggage when you want a lot of nice activities gathered in just one place. 🙂 We used it on the plane, in the car, at the restaurant and anywhere else we needed some activity ideas to keep Bogdan busy. 🙂

You can find the book this book on Amazon. For older kids, there are other two similar resources you could try: Travel Activity Pad and Travel Activity Book. The Travel Activity Pad contains nearly 200 pen-and- paper puzzles like picture puzzles, word puzzles, simple logic puzzles, odd ones out, spot the difference and more. The Travel Activity Book is a collection of puzzles to solve, doodles to draw, games to play, over 150 stickers to stick and much more.

I shared here my favorite books for keeping my boy happy and busy when we travel, I hope they will be useful to you too. If you have other recommendations I would be glad to find them out! I am always looking for inspiration for our future trips!

Do you have a favorite book for keeping kids busy while traveling?

books for keeping kids busy while traveling

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