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How to teach young kids about the human body in a fun and playful way

Raluca Loteanu September 2, 2017
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human body activities for young kids
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If you want to find some awesome human body activities for young kids, here is a list with a lot of ideas that little learners will enjoy! When my son was around 2 years... read more

4 easy ways to learn and have fun with sidewalk chalk {OPM #5}

Raluca Loteanu August 10, 2017
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If you are looking for some nice ways to learn and play with sidewalk chalk, here are 4 amazingly-simple ideas to inspire you! One morning we got so early to the park th... read more

Our family trip to Los Angeles, along the Pacific Coast

Raluca Loteanu May 25, 2017
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If you plan a family trip to Los Angeles, I hope that our itinerary will inspire you! We had 5 days full of amazing experiences! | Los Angeles with kids | Pacific Coast with kids
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It all started when I promised my little boy that we will go to Disneyland this month. I was planning a trip to Florida and Disneyland Orlando was one of the attractions on our ... read more

Our trip to Disneyland Park California: A little bit of magic in 21 photos

Raluca Loteanu May 24, 2017
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Our trip to Disneyland
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To say that our trip to Disneyland was overwhelming would be an understatement! We just returned from our road trip to Los Angeles and the day spent at Disneyland was certainly ... read more