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19 wonderful dad-child date ideas that every father should try {+ printable date cards}

Raluca Loteanu May 14, 2017
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Dad-child dates are a great opportunity to have fun and build a stronger relationship. I've gathered here 19 wonderful dad-child date ideas to inspire you!
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Parent-child dates are a wonderful way to build connection and to create lovely memories! I always enjoy my mom-son dates and they really make my child happy, so I wanted my hus... read more

9 delicious Easter dessert recipes for a sweet celebration

Raluca Loteanu April 3, 2017
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delicious easter dessert recipes
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I am not a big fan of spending time in the kitchen, but a great dessert recipe is always irresistible! 🙂 As Easter is coming soon, I’ve done some research and I discov... read more

How we created a simple arts & crafts station in our home

Raluca Loteanu February 23, 2017
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Art station for kids | Art station for kids organization | DIY art station for kids | Art station for kids ideas | Arts and crafts station for kids
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Ever since I first discovered the idea of an art station for kids I knew that I wanted to implement it in our home! As this month is the arts & crafts month in our parenting... read more

17 smart and easy ways to save money

Raluca Loteanu February 19, 2017
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17 ways to save money | Save money | Family savings | How to save money | Family Budget
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One of my goals this year is to save money and, most important, to learn how to build a smart budget for the family and to stick with it. Spending money in a wise way is a great... read more

A lesson from the Swedish stay-at-home dads (+ a wonderful photo collection)

Raluca Loteanu January 26, 2017
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stay-at-home dads
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The way countries around the world manage the parental leave after the birth of a baby is very different and it’s interesting to see different perspectives and the impact ... read more

4 great things we can learn from Barack Obama

Raluca Loteanu January 11, 2017
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learn from barack obama
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I watched today the Barack Obama’s speech about his wife and that was one of the most emotional declarations of love a president every made. I am not into politics at all,... read more

Healthy snack ideas for kids [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu January 3, 2017
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healthy snack ideas for kids
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Preparing healthy snacks for kids is something every mom wants, but it’s not so easy as it seems, especially on those busy days when we really don’t have time for co... read more

New Year’s Eve ideas: recipes, games and kids activities

Raluca Loteanu December 29, 2016
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The end of the year is very close, so I gathered here some great New Year’s Eve ideas that could make the last night of the year even more wonderful. You can find 3 main ... read more

Keeping lovely memories at year-end: New Year kids interview (printable)

Raluca Loteanu December 28, 2016
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After creating the templates for “My year in review” and “My list for 2017” (you can download them HERE), I was looking for a nice idea to make something... read more

Delicious New Year’s dessert ideas [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu December 27, 2016
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new years dessert ideas
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This week on my blog will be dedicated to the preparations for New Year, so you will discover here a lot of ideas: recipes, printables, games and kids activities. I am a big fan... read more