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12 manners for young kids and a great way to teach them [+ our printable “Little manners book” for kids]

Raluca Loteanu April 23, 2017
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How to teach manners to young kids
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In the past month, I have been looking for a nice method on how to teach manners to young kids. My son is a very kind child and he really follows our family rules (almost all t... read more

How to create an effective morning routine for kids (+morning checklist printable)

Raluca Loteanu March 2, 2017
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Morning routine for kids
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If you have a young child, I’m sure that you know those chaotic mornings when nothing seems to work and you feel that you’ll never be able to be ready to get throug... read more

Why you should think twice about letting small children watch TV

Raluca Loteanu January 31, 2017
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small children watch TV
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A lot of parents choose to let their kids watch TV from a very early age and in many families babies and toddlers spend several hours a day in front of the TV. This habit has be... read more

Chore ideas for young kids and how to put them into practice [+ printable chore list]

Raluca Loteanu January 18, 2017
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Chore ideas for young kids | Chore ideas for kids | Chore ideas for toddlers | Chore ideas for preschoolers | Chore list for kids
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Since Bogdan was almost 2 years old I started to implement a list of chores he could also do in the house. I searched for chore ideas for young kids and I began to put them into... read more

4 positive parenting books for raising happy and confident kids

Raluca Loteanu January 8, 2017
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positive parenting books
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Every parent wants to raise happy and confident kids, but it’s not always easy to find the positive ways of parenting for being able to do this. Since I am a mom I read a... read more