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15 awesome activities that will make young kids love science

Raluca Loteanu September 4, 2017
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science activities for young kids
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If you are looking for some awesome science activities for young kids, here is a list of a lot of ideas that children will love! My little boy loves experimenting diff... read more

13 nice and easy nature activities for young kids

Raluca Loteanu May 1, 2017
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If you want to encourage your child to explore nature in a playful way, here are 13 nature activities for young kids that are really nice and easy to try! | Nature activities for kids | Nature activities for toddlers | Nature activities for preschoolers | Montessori nature activities
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Kids enjoy each opportunity they have to discover nature and they learn a lot of things while exploring it! This is why I always encourage my son to observe nature and to invest... read more

10 great spring and Easter activities for young kids (with a Montessori approach)

Raluca Loteanu April 1, 2017
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Montessori spring activities for young kids | Montessori spring activities for toddlers | Montessori spring activities for preschoolers | Montessori Easter activities | Spring activities for kids | Easter activities for kids
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I recently wrote a list of 18 spring and Easter ideas for young kids that we plan to try this spring and now I want to share with you another list of ideas, this time focused o... read more

4 Montessori inspired learning activities about animals (+ printable animal cards)

Raluca Loteanu March 15, 2017
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Montessori animal cards | Montessori activities for toddlers | Montessori activities for preschoolers | Montessori activities about animals | Printable Montessori cards
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One of the main interests of my son in this period is to learn about animals. He asks a lot of questions about them, wants to go to the zoo or to the farm to see the animals and... read more

Amazing Montessori room ideas [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu December 20, 2016
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montessori room ideas
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I always loved the design of the Montessori rooms. Although we don’t follow a Montessori education at home, we took a lot of Montessori ideas and implemented them in our h... read more