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7 of the best European cities to visit with young kids

Raluca Loteanu October 2, 2017
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best european cities for kids
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I am that kind of mom who returns from all the family trips feeling tired and thinking that will not do this again soon… and then a few days later is looking for another t... read more

5 awesome attractions that kids will love in Los Angeles

Raluca Loteanu August 31, 2017
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things to do in los angeles with young kids
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If you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles with young kids, here are 5 awesome attractions that children will love! I've also included some additional suggestions ... read more

The best things to do in San Francisco with young kids

Raluca Loteanu August 14, 2017
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San Francisco with young kids
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If you plan to visit San Francisco with young kids, here are 14 awesome things to do in the city! You'll certainly find some great inspiration on this list! I can still... read more

8 top tips for visiting Disneyland with young kids {and enjoying it!}

Raluca Loteanu July 12, 2017
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Our trip to Disneyland
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In May, we traveled to Los Angeles to visit Disneyland. It was an amazing trip that my son enjoyed a lot, but it was also overwhelming for all of us! One of the reasons why our ... read more

Learning and having fun at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose {Bay Area with kids}

Raluca Loteanu June 17, 2017
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We started a guide of wonderful places to visit with kids in Bay Area. One of these places is Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose! | Bay Area with kids | California with kids | San Jose with kids
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The Bay Area is an amazing place with a lot of wonderful things to discover! Whatever you live here or you are just visiting, the Bay Area has a lot to offer. If you are looking... read more

Our family trip to Los Angeles, along the Pacific Coast

Raluca Loteanu May 25, 2017
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If you plan a family trip to Los Angeles, I hope that our itinerary will inspire you! We had 5 days full of amazing experiences! | Los Angeles with kids | Pacific Coast with kids
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It all started when I promised my little boy that we will go to Disneyland this month. I was planning a trip to Florida and Disneyland Orlando was one of the attractions on our ... read more

Our trip to Disneyland Park California: A little bit of magic in 21 photos

Raluca Loteanu May 24, 2017
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Our trip to Disneyland
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To say that our trip to Disneyland was overwhelming would be an understatement! We just returned from our road trip to Los Angeles and the day spent at Disneyland was certainly ... read more

8 wonderful things to do in Barcelona with young kids

Raluca Loteanu April 19, 2017
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Things to do in Barcelona with young kids
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I must say from the start that Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit with young kids! We have been there several times and we’ve enjoyed each and every one of the visits!... read more

New York with (young) kids: 7 nice places to visit and a small guide for parents

Raluca Loteanu February 14, 2017
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new york with kids
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In November last year, I was preparing to travel to New York with my 3-year old son, so I did a lot of research to see what people can do in New York with kids. I found a lot of... read more

My travel wish list for 2017

Raluca Loteanu January 26, 2017
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travel wish list
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I wrote about my travel year in review and I realized that 2016 brought us a lot of wonderful trips and I want to continue with even more travel in 2017. My main travel goal las... read more