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My travel wish list for 2017

Raluca Loteanu January 26, 2017
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travel wish list
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I wrote about my travel year in review and I realized that 2016 brought us a lot of wonderful trips and I want to continue with even more travel in 2017. My main travel goal las... read more

Why we loved the amazing 17-mile drive

Raluca Loteanu January 13, 2017
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17-mile drive
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After our vacation in Las Vegas that left us with a small travel budget for the rest of the month, we decided to focus on destinations that are close to our home and to make som... read more

2016 – My travel year in review: 15 trips in 12 months

Raluca Loteanu January 1, 2017
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travel year in review
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At the beginning of 2016 one of my most important goals for the new year was to travel more. Now, at the end of the year, I am looking back and I am glad that we traveled a lot ... read more