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Connection time: activities and ideas

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A month dedicated to connection is the best way to start a parenting challenge, because it’s the fundament for making all the other activities really pleasant and enjoyable for parent and child.

Here is the plan that we followed during the month of “Connection time”. It contains a lot of great ideas that I’ve discovered to help me build a strong connection with my child in a playful way. I hope that you’ll like our plan and you’ll enjoy the ideas!

{ I am a stay at home mom now, so I get to spend a lot of time with my son and this plan is based on this. If you are a working mom or you have more children the plan may seem more difficult to put into practice, but you can adjust it in a way that allows you to include it in your daily life. }

Things to do every day

– 2 sessions of special time

Each session has approximately 10 minutes, so it’s not hard to integrate them into your schedule. The special time is a time when you do something that your child wants. The main rule for the parent is to be 100% focused on the child, without any distractions.

I wrote HERE about why the special time is really important. I also shared there some ideas for special time to give you some inspiration.

– a mini dance party (just the two of you, in the living room)

A dance party is a perfect way to have fun with your child and kids really enjoy it! The idea is very simple: you play a playlist with children songs and you dance together on the floor for half an hour. This is a great way to burn off kids’ energy and I think that you will enjoy it too! It’s perfect to be free to dance in the middle of the living room once a day! 🙂

A useful tip: I noticed that for my son it’s difficult when the special time or the dance party is over. This is a normal thing. I read that the fact that sometimes the children cry at the end of a special time is just a way they use to eliminate their frustrations. So it’s a good thing to be near them and help them get over the difficult moment.

A method I implemented for the dance party is the alarm clock on the cell phone. I explain to him that we can have a dance party for half an hour before I start preparing the lunch and the set the alarm after 25 minutes. When the alarm rings we know that we have 5 more minutes to dance and we put it on snooze. When the alarm rings the second time, we know that the party is over. This method really worked for us, so maybe it will help you too.

– a “cuddling session”

Just make time every day for (at least) a cuddling moment. 🙂

Things to do every week:

– one mom-child date

I wrote here some very nice ideas for mom-child dates so you’ll have some inspiration to plan lovely dates!

The idea of the mom-child dates is really wonderful because they make the kids feel important. You can use the date invitations too (you can find the printable in the above-mentioned article). If you like them, you can even transform them into a tradition for your family!

– a “connection activity”

This is an idea I really like because it’s about finding nice activities to show to the child how loved he is.

Here are some activities that we liked:

– We took a big piece of paper and we draw on it all the people that love my son. At the end, we had a lot of people on the drawing and he was very happy to see they all love him.

– We looked through a photo album with some photos of family members and friends and to talk together about nice memories that my son has with them.

– We read together some books about the love between mom and child. The children are really happy to read about this and to be reassured over and over again that we love them very much and that we will always be together.


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I wish you a happy and playful month!

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