Exploring the world in a playful way: Geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers {parenting challenge}

Raluca Loteanu July 3, 2017
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geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers

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At the beginning of the year, I’ve started a parenting challenge to help me build a better relationship with my child, a choice that I am very glad about! I really enjoy it and I feel that following these monthly challenges allows me to focus more on my child and to do a lot of wonderful activities with him. We already had 6 amazing months of our challenge, when we focused on: connection timearts and crafts activities,  books and storiesmusic and dancenature activities, and outdoor play. This month will be dedicated to geography, so I made a lot of research to find some great geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers for us to try!

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My report for June: How the “Outdoor play” month went for us

Before sharing our plan for this month, I want to share with you an update about last month. In June, we focused on outdoor play and it was such a nice month! We had a lot of fun and tried a lot of new ideas! Bogdan enjoyed this month very much, exactly as I expected. 🙂

If you want to discover our ideas from last month, you can find them all here. Our favorite activities were the ones with sidewalk chalk. We used our imagination and we created a lot of other activities besides the ones on the list. I liked them because they are both fun and educational! So I plan to continue using them in the next month!

My plan for July: The “Geography activities” month of our parenting challenge

Coming back to this month’s plan, I must confess that it was very difficult to create it. I haven’t found many useful resources for teaching young kids about geography. So after spending a lot of time doing research on Pinterest without much success, I decided to create a plan from scratch and to invest in some materials to help me implement it.

{ If you want to see what interesting materials we have discovered, you can check them out here: 12 educational toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world }

Here is what I planned for this month! I will divide our activities into 4 main categories and I will go through each of them separately. We will do one activity every day during the weekdays, so I have 20 days available for my plan. I will allocate a specific number of days to each category. This way we will be able to focus on only one topic at a time. (If you want to join our challenge but you work during the week, you can plan the activities during the weekends. You will have 5 weekends on hand and so I think that you’ll have plenty of time for these activities.)

1. Exploring the world map (4 days)

In the first days of the month, we will explore the world map. We already have a map displayed in our living room and Bogdan knows all the continents but I want to provide him more in-depth information about each of them.


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My main objective is to explain him about the differences between the continents in regard to languages, cultures, climate, animals, and so on. To do this, I will use all the materials that we got from our Little Passports subscription. We started our Early Explorers Subscription in December last year, so we already have a lot of resources from them.

If you are looking for an educational subscription plan for your child, I totally recommend you to check them out! Bogdan is a big fan of Mia, Max, and Toby (their characters) and he learned a lot from their monthly activities. The map that we have on the wall is part of The Traveler Kit that we received in the first Little Passports package. 🙂

I also plan to buy a world map floor puzzle to add to our activities (I liked this one). Bogdan is a visual learner so I think that he will enjoy playing with the puzzle!geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers

photo credit: Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock.com

Here are some activities that I also want to try with him:

– We will create our own world map using this tutorial: WORLD MAP GEOGRAPHY ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS + FREE PRINTABLE from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

– We will explore the continents using the Continents Fact Files Printable – Geography Printables from Homeschool Creations.

– Also, we will play this nice game from Life with Moore BabiesOUTDOOR CONTINENT HOP: LEARNING WORLD GEOGRAPHY IN MOTION.

– We will also listen to the Seven Continents Song. I have recently discovered it on Youtube and it seems great for learning about continents.

2. Exploring the 50 states of the USA (10 days)

The main focus of this month will be to discover the 50 states of the USA. We live in the US now and I want my child to know as much as he can about this country. I also have a lot to learn about the 50 states, so I’m sure that will have fun! 🙂

Here are the activities that I plan for this month:

– Discovering the states with a USA puzzle: There are a lot of puzzles to choose from, but I chose this one because it can also be used in the bathtub. Bogdan likes taking long baths and we will be able to make them more educational with this puzzle. 🙂

– Learning more about each state with the National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas: This is such a great activity book and I can’t wait to discover it with Bogdan!

– Playing with stickers using the Sticker Road Trip: 50 States activity book. My son loves stickers, so this activity is perfect for learning and having fun

Besides this materials, I’ve discovered some really helpful free resources:

– the Printable Map of The USA from Mr Printables can be downloaded in two versions: colored and black&white.

– the State Trading Cards from Royal Baloo with interesting information about each state.

I also found out about a useful iPad app for kids called United States of America – Montessori Geography. Bogdan only spends time on the tablet once in a while and until now he only used one app (Lingokids). But when I discovered this app about the US map I decided to purchase it because it seems really interesting. I am really curious if Bogdan will like it too!toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world

photo credit: gorillaimages / shutterstock.com

3. Exploring Europe (3 days)

In the 3 days dedicated to Europe, we will talk about the European countries, the main landmarks, and the diverse climate and fauna.

I’ve discovered a great resource for learning more about Europe from Every Star is Different: MONTESSORI-INSPIRED STUDY OF EUROPE W/ FREE PRINTABLES and I plan to use it too. The printable files at the end of their post are very useful!

Here is a collection of interesting facts about Europe Geography from Ducksters.com. I like this resource because ot has detailed information about each country.

4. Exploring Australia (3 days)

Maybe you wondered about my choices for the four categories. The world map was an obvious choice. Then I chose Europe and the United States because these are the places where Bogdan lived and traveled. My last category for this month is Australia from a very selfish reason. 🙂 Australia is one of the top places on my travel wish list and I really wanted to discover more about this country. And I hope that Bogdan will enjoy discovering it!

He already knows about the kangaroos and the koalas but Australia is so much more than this! So we will spend 3 days exploring new fact about this amazing continent!

Here are the main resources that I will use:

Australia Unit -Learning the States and Territories – a helpful list of resources from Suzie’s Home Education Ideas

Australia Teacher’s Guide – a free resource from Little Passports.

Both of them are for older kids but I will adapt them for Bogdan’s age. I also discovered The Land Down Under TOOB and I plan to use it for our activities.

I also found this list of interesting facts about Australia from Ducksters.com and I will use it for giving him more details about the country.

This is our plan for this month, I hope that Bogdan will enjoy it! If you like the idea of a month dedicated to geography activities for your kids, I would be glad if you would join us!

At the end, I can only wish you a happy month with a lot of wonderful activities with your children!

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If you are looking for interesting geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers, here is a list of ideas to inspire you! | Teaching young kids about the world | Geography toys for toddlers | Geography resources for toddlers | Geography toys for preschoolers | Geography materials for preschoolers

If you are looking for interesting geography activities for toddlers and preschoolers, here is a list of ideas to inspire you! | Teaching young kids about the world | Geography toys for toddlers | Geography resources for toddlers | Geography toys for preschoolers | Geography materials for preschoolers

photo credit preview photo: Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock.com | photo credit Pinterest image: Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock.com & gorillaimages / shutterstock.com

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