28 playful craft ideas and a complete list of craft supplies for kids

Raluca Loteanu February 2, 2017
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craft supplies for kids

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As the second month of my parenting challenge is focused on Art & craft, I was looking for ideas and craft supplies for kids that could make our crafting moments more interesting and playful. I made a list of all the supplies I think that are great for kids and I collected some ideas that I liked most about using each of them for creating beautiful crafts.

Craft supplies for kids: The essentials

I gathered here a list of must-have craft supplies that are useful for most of the crafting projects. It’s great to have them in the house to be prepared for every creative moment. 🙂

♥ Blunt tip scissors – they are perfect for little hands

♥ Stickers – all the kids I know love stickers, so they are great for art projects too, especially for young children

♥ Crayons – most probably you always have them in the house if you have young kids, but I add them to the list anyways 🙂

♥ Washable markers – they are perfect for kids and also practical for parents because they can be easily cleaned; we like the Crayola products and we now have these markers (for small kids I recommend these ones)

Washable glue – the glue is a must for almost every craft project and the washable glue is great for little children because you can clean it easily from the table and their clothes (I recently discovered the Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue and I totally liked it because the purple color makes easy for young kids to see spots that still need glueing and the color disappears when the glue dries)


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Craft supplies for kids: Our favorite craft supplies

Here is the list of our favorite craft supplies and some nice ideas about how to use them. We tried them in our activities and it was really fun to create crafts using them, so I totally recommend you to try them too with your kids.

Colored craft sticks

We used them in a lot of activities since Bogdan was a toddler. You can use them in a lot of different ways, from making sorting games to creating more complicated crafts. Here are some ideas we plan to try soon: Bird crafts using popsicle sticks (1) and Popsicle stick animals (2).

We used plain craft sticks and they are great too, kids can paint them however they want and this makes the activity even more fun.

Construction paper

This is one of the best craft supplies because it can be used in many projects and kids enjoy the colored paper. These are some ideas we want to try this month: Weaving Rainbow Fish Craft (3), Paper Heart Penguin Craft (4), and Rainbow Paper Heart Wreath (5).


If you are talented at crafting felt is a great craft supply and it gives you numerous possibilities for creating amazing projects. I am not so talented, but we still use him in our activities. I just try to find simple ideas that we can easily put into practice. I would like to try to make these Felt hearts (6) with Bogdan. If you are more talented I found here a game that kids will certainly enjoy and that you can create at home using felt: Felt Fishing Game for Kids (7).

Pom poms

The pom poms were our favorite craft supply for a very long time and we used them for other activities too, so they were always on hand in our house. In the last months, we haven’t used them at all, but I plan to start using them again because I found some really nice ideas: Spring Pom Pom Trees (8), Pom Pom Party Hat (9), Pom Pom Balloons (10), Pom Pom Letters (11).

Craft clothespins

They are perfect for Montessori activities and we used them a lot for learning projects, but they are great for crafts too. I found an article with 13 Creative Projects To Do With Clothespins (12) and I plan to try some of them, especially the clothespin airplanes that Bogdan will certainly enjoy.

Craft supplies for kids: New craft supplies we want to try this month

Last month I looked for new craft ideas because I wanted to have all the supplies ready for the Art & Crafts month of my parenting challenge. This is how I discovered some supplies that we never used before in our projects and that I hope to have the chance to try this month.

Pipe cleaners

We ever used them before, but I discovered so many nice ideas for using them that we will certainly try them this month. You can find some nice and easy-to-make ideas here: 10 Pipe Cleaner Animals (13) and Easy Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets (14).


I never considered glitter as a craft supply, but after reading some craft blogs I noticed that glitter adds a “sparkly look” to a lot of projects, so I added it to my list of supplies. I also discovered a very nice idea that I want us to try soon: Glitter Slime (15) – it seems really fun for kids!

Googly eyes

The googly eyes are another recent discovery and they are great for all sorts of animal crafts. Here are two very simple ideas we plan to put into practice: Bottle Cap Bugs (16) and Bottle Top Ladybugs (17).

♥ Contact paper

I saw a lot of nice projects using contact paper that I can’t wait to try it too! Here is one of the ideas that I liked: Suncatcher Mosaics (18).

Other great crafting ideas for kids

Besides the 18 craft ideas that I mentioned above, I found another 10 that are really nice and easy, so I added them to my list. I hope you will enjoy them too! 🙂

Little Monsters Craft Tutorial (19) – Bogdan will certainly enjoy these little monsters, the craft is easy and fun

Craft Stick Crocodile Craft (20) – a nice craft that seems really easy to make

Paper Roll Animals (21) – we saved a lot of paper rolls for this crafts, I can’t wait to try it (I like this too: Paper Roll Bee Craft)

Paper Rainbow Craft (22) – a very colorful project for kids

Finger Puppet Zebra Craft (23) – finger puppet are so nice, I hope that Bogdan will like this zebra craft (I found also another nice idea: Finger Puppet Giraffe)

Muppet Rocks (24) – we often play with rocks, so it seems a wonderful idea to include them in our craft projects

Popsicle Stick Frames (25) – I loved this idea, it’s easy and it’s a nice way to frame our photos

Washi Tape Heart Suncatcher (26) – easy to make, we only need washi tape, card, and glue

Paper Chain Snake (27) – another really easy craft

Handprint flower bookmarks (28) – these could be some lovely gifts for our loved ones

This is my list of craft ideas, I took me so time to gather all of them but I’m sure we will enjoy creating each of these crafts! I hope this list will inspire you too! If you have other ideas I would be happy to find them out! February is dedicated to craft projects, so I could use any inspiration I get! 🙂

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Craft ideas | Craft supplies for kids | Craft ideas for kids | Crafts for kids | Craft ideas for preschoolers | Craft supplies for toddlers | Craft ideas for toddlers | Craft ideas for preschoolers

Craft ideas | Craft supplies for kids | Craft ideas for kids | Crafts for kids | Craft ideas for preschoolers | Craft supplies for toddlers | Craft ideas for toddlers | Craft ideas for preschoolers

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