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A month of nature exploration: activities and ideas

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Exploring nature with your child is a wonderful way of spending lovely moments together! This month of our parenting challenge is focused on spending time outside, enjoying what nature has to offer, and doing some nice nature activities.

Here is the plan that we followed during the month of “Nature exploration”. I really hope that your child will enjoy these ideas!

{ I am a stay at home mom now, so I get to spend a lot of time with my son and this plan is based on this. If you are a working mom or you have more children the plan may seem more difficult to put into practice, but you can adjust it in a way that allows you to include it in your daily life. }

Things to do twice a week:

– an activity from our Nature Activities List

You can find the list here, I’ve gathered there 13 nice ideas that you can try this month. The activities are easy to put into practice and they combine learning about nature with developing creativity and other skills.

– feed the squirrels, the birds or other small animals around your house

Interacting with small animals is something that kids really enjoy! My son always likes to feed the squirrels and to observe the snails.

One nice idea to try is to build a bird feeder and place it on your terrace or in your yard! You can find a lot of tutorials on Pinterest that are really easy to make! Also, you can prepare a little box with food and go on a walk around your house (or in a park nearby) to find some small animals to feed.

Things to do once a week:

– a nature walk in a park or on a trail

Nature walks are great for kids and they are also relaxing for parents! You can make this activity even more engaging by doing a nature scavenger hunt!

Kids love scavenger hunts and they will keep them busy during the walk. You can download our printable nature scavenger hunt using the link at the end of this article. Also, you can use the walks for collecting supplies for nature activities that you plan to do this month!

– read some books about nature (at the library)

There are a lot of books about plants, trees or nature in general, so you will certainly find something that you like. If your library also has some children encyclopedias, they can be a perfect resource to start interesting discussions about nature, plants, and environment.

Other ideas

– day trip (or weekend trip) in a natural park

If you have any natural parks near you, you can plan to do a trip there to enjoy nature and spend a whole day outdoor.

– create a little garden at home

This is the most important project of the month. You can create a little garden on our terrace or in your yard. You just need to buy some seeds and some plants to start the little garden!

Your child will be responsible for taking care of the plants. This is a good way to teach responsibility but also a perfect opportunity to learn more about plants!


13 nice and easy nature activities for young kids (ideas to include into your bi-weekly activities)

Nature scavenger hunt for young kids {you can download the printable from here}

I wish you a happy and playful month!

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