Play ideas: Stickers, outdoor fun, and a sensory bin {OPM #1}

Raluca Loteanu May 21, 2017
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"Our playful moments" is a project where I share some of our play ideas! They are fun and easy to put into practice, so I hope to inspire you to try them!

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Have you ever felt that you don’t have any idea what new activity to try with your child? Or that you found a lot of ideas but you just don’t get to put them into practice? If you had, I totally know how it feels! I’ve gone through moments when I had no inspiration when my son wanted us to try something new. And I’ve also gone through moments when I had a whole board of play ideas for young kids saved on Pinterest but I never really put them into practice!

This is why I’ve decided to start this series of regular articles on my blog to share with you some of our activities! This is how Our Playful Moments (OPM) project appeared. 🙂 For me, this will be a nice journal of our playful moments! And I hope that for you the articles will be an inspiration for trying new activities with your kids! Each article will only have 4-5 ideas, so they will be really easy to put into practice!

In this first article, I want to share with you 4 activities that we did last week. They were all easy to do and fun and my son enjoyed them a lot!

1. A visit to a children museum

When a friend came with the idea of a visit to the Discovery Museum I knew that Bogdan would be happy about it! We were lucky to go there on a less crowded day, so we could try all the activities.

Hands-on activities at the museum kept us busy for half a day! We also participated in a class there about nature and Bogdan liked it a lot! He basically just played with all the items on the table and built a home for the plastic animals. 🙂

The Discovery Museum in San Jose is great! I hope to write about it soon, it’s a very nice place for kids to visit!our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

2. Fun with sticker books

I think that all young kids like stickers and Bogdan certainly isn’t an exception! I try to use stickers in learning activities and one of the best ways to do this is to use sticker books. I particularly like the ones from Usborne because they have nice illustrations and they also tell a little story.

We have the Dress the Teddy Bears for School Sticker Book and it’s one of our favorites! The entire collection of “Dress the Teddy Bears” books is wonderful! We also bought last week the Building Sites Sticker Book and we like it too!our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

3. The jumping circles

This is an idea that came to me spontaneously at the playground. Bogdan was jumping around and I thought that I could turn that into a more interesting activity!

So I took the chalk and drew 8 circles on the sidewalk. I wrote a number in each circle and I invited him to jump from one circle to another as I said different numbers. Then it was his turn to say numbers and my turn to jump. This activity was a good opportunity to practice numbers and burn off his energy.  🙂 You can try the same activity using letters and practice the alphabet.our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

 4. An easy to set sensory bin

When Bogdan was playing with kinetic sand on the terrace, I thought that it could be a great time to also prepare a sensory bin for him. So I gathered all the items from our kitchen that I could use in the bin: uncooked pasta, rice, flour, a little bit of coffee powder, and salt. I put them all in the bin and mixed them. Then I looked for different items to hide in the bin and I invited Bogdan to find them. I used some magnetic letters, them some plastic animals, then some pieces from a building game.

Each time he was glad to find the items and to name the letters or the animals. We still have the sensory bin on our terrace and I plan to use it in the next days for other games.our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

our playful moments 1

If you liked these ideas, I hope that they will inspire you for new activities with your kids! If you have any other play ideas you’d like to share I would be happy to find them out!

I wish you a lot of lovely moments with your little ones!Play ideas for toddlers: "Our playful moments" is a project where I share some of our play ideas! They are fun and easy to put into practice, so I hope to inspire you to try them! | Play ideas | Activity ideas | Play ideas for toddlers | Play ideas for preschoolers | Activity ideas for toddlers

Our Playful Moments (OPM) is a project to encourage simple ways of playing as a manner of making kids happy and building a strong parent-child relationship. You can find all the articles in this series here.

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