Our trip to Disneyland Park California: A little bit of magic in 21 photos

Raluca Loteanu May 24, 2017
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Our trip to Disneyland

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To say that our trip to Disneyland was overwhelming would be an understatement! We just returned from our road trip to Los Angeles and the day spent at Disneyland was certainly the most tiring! But it was also the most magical one! 🙂

It was challenging to walk through the crowded park in a very sunny day, but it was totally worthwhile! Seeing Bogdan so happy made me forget about being tired. I enjoyed being there with him and I let the magic atmosphere conquer me too!

Bogdan is only 3 years old and for him the whole visit was mainly about seeing Minnie and Mickey. They are his favorite characters and he really wanted to meet and hug them. So half of the time we spent there was about chasing Mickey! As you can see in the pictures, we spent a lot of time in Mickey’s town. 🙂

My dearest moment was the one when Bogdan finally met Minnie. We waited in line for a long time, so we were pretty tired. But the moment when he saw Minnie for the first time was magical! He hugged Minnie and stood in her arms for a while. I never imagined that a moment like this could bring him so much happiness. Usually, he is a shy child, so seeing him interact so much with Mickey and Minnie was a nice surprise!

The parade was another amazing moment! We enjoyed the music and dance and all the characters looked fantastic. We didn’t visit a lot of attractions because Bogdan decided to walk through the park instead of waiting in lines. And I was so happy that he did so! 🙂 We just discovered some attractions in Mickey’s town, enjoyed a carousel ride, and visited the big boat.

After so much fun, Bogdan fell asleep in the stroller and we had some time for us! We ate some corn dogs, enjoyed some Starbucks coffee, and visited the stores. We hoped that in the evening the park will be less crowded but it wasn’t the case. There were constantly new people entering the park so we decided to leave before the fireworks.

This was a good decision because we were already really tired. We were lucky enough to see the entire fireworks show from our hotel, so we didn’t miss anything!


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Our trip to Disneyland was really magical! I never imagined that Bogdan will enjoy it so much, but the park conquered his heart! And my heart too! 🙂

If you are thinking about a trip to Disneyland with your kids, I totally recommend you to do it! The only advice would be to plan it better than we did! We felt a little bit overwhelmed during our visit and I’m sure that it would have been an even better experience if I would have planned it better.

I plan to write a separate article with tips and tricks for a nice experience at Disneyland. I hope that our experience will help other parents (and kids) enjoy the most of their visit to Disney Park. At the end, I let you discover a little bit of Disney magic in our photos! I didn’t make a lot of pictures because I tried to enjoy the experience and stay away from my phone. But I hope that our pictures will make you want to plan your own trip to Disneyland!

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If you plan a trip to Disney Park with your kids, here is a collection of photos from our trip to Disneyland! | Trip to Disneyland | Disneyland California | Our experience at Disneyland

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