5 simple and fun outdoor activity ideas for young kids {OPM #4}

Raluca Loteanu July 27, 2017
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outdoor activity ideas for young kids

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Have you ever felt that you don’t have any idea what new activity to try with your child? Or that you found a lot of ideas but you just don’t get to put them into practice? If you had, I totally know how it feels! I’ve gone through moments when I had no inspiration when my son wanted us to try something new. And I’ve also gone through moments when I had a whole board of play ideas for young kids saved on Pinterest but I never really put them into practice! This is why I’ve decided to start this series of regular articles on my blog to share with you some simple activities for young kids!

For me, this will be a nice journal of our playful moments! And I hope that for you the articles will be an inspiration for trying new activities with your kids! Each article will only have 4-5 ideas, so they will be really easy to put into practice!

In the fourth article of the series, I want to share with you 5 outdoor activities that we recently did. We spend a lot of time outside so we bought some materials to make our play sessions even more joyful! Bogdan was totally enthusiastic about these activities because he likes active games a lot. These activities were also very challenging so at the end, he was really tired and I enjoyed his very long nap. 🙂 So if you have a high-energy child, I’m sure that you’ll like these ideas!

1. Bean bag toss

You will need:

– bean bags (if you don’t want to buy them you can create them yourself using this tutorial from All for the Boys)

– a toss zone (we have this toss zone that we bought from Amazon and we use in a lot of activities, but you can also create the toss zone by simply drawing some circles on the sidewalk or placing some baskets on the grass)

We started by throwing the bags from very close. Then we kept increasing the distance to make it more challenging. This activity was great for developing his attention and the had-eye coordination.outdoor activity ideas for young kids


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2. Hit the cones

This is another activity that develops hand-eye coordination.

You will need:

– bean bags

– a plastic cone set.

I placed the cones in a row. Then I invited Bogdan to throw bean bags from a start line until he hits all the cones.

3. Slalom challenge

For this activity, you will only need a plastic cone set. If you want to make it more challenging, you can add a ball to the game.

I placed the plastic cones in a row with some space between them. Then I invited Bogdan to do a slalom through the cones. To make the activity more engaging, I used a chronometer to encourage him to set a record on how fast he can do the slalom.

Then I invited him to do a slalom with a small ball. This required a little more coordination and it was an excellent gross motor activity!

4. Jumping challenge

I used the same row of plastic cones. This time, I invited Bogdan to jump over each cone until the end of the line without throwing them down.

As he was getting tired from all the jumping the activity became even more difficult. But he didn’t give up so easily and I was glad to see how much he enjoyed the challenge!

5. Color hunt with toss rings

Bogdan enjoys scavenger hunts a lot so I decided to include a hunt into our activities! It was super easy to set and kept him busy for some time. We even played it several times in a row! 🙂

You will need:

– multicolor toss rings

– a plastic cone set.

I placed the plastic cones in a row. Then I hid the toss rings all over the yard. Some of them were very easy to find, some of them required more attention from his part.

I invited him to search for the toss rings and place them into the matching cone. Our sets of cones and rings had only four colors in common, so I  told him to bring to me the rings that didn’t match with the cones.

A bonus idea

Maybe you noticed in the pictures that Bogdan is dressed in a bathing suit. This was because we went to the pool after the activities. There another play idea came up. 🙂

We used the multicolor toss rings for a swimming challenge in the pool. I throw four rings into the pool and I invited him to collect them and take them to a place on the side of the pool. He uses a swimming vest so he is able to “swim” long distances in the water. He was very happy to collect the rings and this kept him busy and active for a long time.

So if you plan to go to the swimming pool with the kids, adding some toss rings in the bag may be a great idea!

If you liked these ideas, I hope that they will inspire you for new activities with your kids! 🙂 I wish you a lot of lovely moments with your little ones!

Our Playful Moments (OPM) is a project to encourage simple ways of playing to make kids happy and build a strong parent-child relationship. You can find all the articles in this series here. All activities for young kids need adult supervision.

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