Amazing Montessori room ideas [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu December 20, 2016
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montessori room ideas
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I always loved the design of the Montessori rooms. Although we don’t follow a Montessori education at home, we took a lot of Montessori ideas and implemented them in our h... read more

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a mom

Raluca Loteanu December 19, 2016
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Its really hard to be a mom
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Everyone talks about how wonderful it is to have a child and about all the joy that motherhood brings. And it all sounds so good! No one told us about the other side of the stor... read more

5 things we enjoyed about Winterfest at California’s Great America

Raluca Loteanu December 18, 2016
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winterfest great america
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Christmas is near and I really wanted to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, so I searched for a place where we could feel the Christmas spirit, enjoy the lights and spend a great fam... read more

An important thing to know when flying with young children

Raluca Loteanu December 17, 2016
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travel kids
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I have often seen parents flying with young children and having problems with intense crying during takeoff and landing. It is a normal thing, especially if it’s the first... read more

Our first days in California

Raluca Loteanu December 15, 2016
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If you would have asked me one year ago how my life will be in 2016 I would have never guessed that this December will find me in California, thousand of miles away from our hom... read more

Cute Christmas card ideas you could try at home [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu December 13, 2016
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Christmas is about giving and about bringing joy to the loved ones. I have always loved to prepare some handmade gifts or cards for Christmas because I think they are a nice way... read more

A love letter to my husband

Raluca Loteanu December 12, 2016
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love letter to my husband
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My love, Sometimes I just look at you and I feel so lucky to have you, but I don’t say anything. Somehow I think you already know this. Late at night when you are asleep I... read more

The story of our move to California

Raluca Loteanu December 10, 2016
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road trip travel
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It all started a couple of months ago when we first thought about moving here. Now I am writing this post from our new home in California and I cannot believe it all happened so... read more

15 great gift ideas under $30 [#HolidayInspiration]

Raluca Loteanu December 8, 2016
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christmas gift ideas
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It was always difficult for me to choose gifts for all the family members and friends, so I decided to create some lists of gift ideas that can inspire me anytime I need a good ... read more

Lovely Christmas craft ideas for kids [#InspirationNotes]

Raluca Loteanu December 8, 2016
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christmas craft ideas
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Christmas is a perfect occasion to create a lot of handmade crafts and the kids will certainly be very happy to make Christmas cards, decorations and a lot of other things with ... read more