Parenting Challenge: My report for last month and my plan for the month dedicated to books and stories

Raluca Loteanu March 5, 2017
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Parenting challenge books and stories

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At the beginning of the year, I started a parenting challenge to help me build a better relationship with my child and I’m very glad that I made this choice! I really enjoy it and I feel that following this monthly challenge allows me to focus more on my child and to do a lot of wonderful activities with him. The first month was dedicated to connection time, the second was focused on arts and crafts activities, and now we just started the third month of the challenge: the Books and stories month. I am sharing with you our activities from last month and our plans for March and I invite you to join us in this parenting challenge; it’s truly an amazing experience! I hope you will enjoy it too!

My report for February: How the “Arts and crafts” month went for us

I will go through all the ideas I had on my plan to tell you what I managed to accomplish and what I haven’t done as planned. I should start by telling you that this month made me realize that Bogdan is not so attracted to arts and crafts activities, at least not at this moment. He was involved in a lot of activities and he was glad to create artworks or crafts, but I felt that this was more because he likes to spend time with me rather than because he is a fan of art activities. 🙂 This is why I never insisted when he told me he doesn’t want to make an activity and we haven’t put into practice all the things on my list.

Daily activities on my plan

  • – one easy craft every day

I have gathered a list of easy craft ideas for kids and we put a lot of them into practice, but we haven’t got a crafting activity every day. We made a craft approximately every two days, but we really enjoyed each of them!

If you want to discover our craft ideas, you can find them here: 28 playful craft ideas and a complete list of craft supplies for kids.

  • – one art activity every day

Another thing that I noticed this month is that Bogdan is more attracted by process art projects rather than craft projects. I think he likes the freedom of the art creations and the fact that he can express his creativity better. This is why I searched for some ideas of art projects that are suitable for young children and I was glad to find a lot of interesting ideas to put into practice!

If you want to see our list of process art ideas for kids, you can find it here: 19 process art ideas for kids: easy to prepare and really fun.

Weekly activities on my plan

  • – a story in a drawing

We were able to do create nice stories using drawings, so I think we accomplished this part of the plan. 🙂


  • 15+ printable resources: activities for kids, morning checklists, chore lists, planners, and much more
  • plus 12 months of ideas to help you build a happy relationship with your child
  • – an easy handmade gift for someone we love

We had the arts and crafts month in February, so we had the chance to combine it with the preparation for Valentine’s Day and this gave us the opportunity to create lovely crafts for the ones we love.

Here is the list of Valentine’s Day crafts that inspired us; you can try them anytime your child wants to make a nice handmade gift for a family member or a friend: 10 lovely and easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids (+the list of craft supplies for them).

Other activities on my plan

  • – exhibition day

I planned an exhibition day in our house for us to display all the crafts and artworks, but I haven’t got the chance to do it in February, so it was postponed for the beginning of March. I can’t wait to have this exhibition day, I’m sure that Bogdan will like it!

My plan for March: The “Books and stories” month of the parenting challenge

March is dedicated to books and stories, so I am planning a lot of activities that imply reading and discussing stories, but also creating our own stories. Bogdan is in a moment when he loves books and he wants me to read him stories all the time, so I’m sure that he will be happy to have a whole month focused only on this! I made a plan to better organize our activities and I hope to be able to keep it.

Things to do every day:

  • – activities based on a book

We read a lot of books and Bogdan likes some character very much, so I plan to do daily an activity based on a story we read. It can mean drawing a character, paint a story, creating a craft inspired by a book (I saw a lot of ideas on Pinterest) or simply talking about the characters he likes.

  • – create our own story

One way to encourage creativity and to help children develop their imagination is to create stories together. I plan to try this with Bogdan every day: we will either choose a character from a book, put it in a different situation, and imagine what he will do or we will create our own character and develop a story around it.

Things to do every week:

  • – discover 5 new books

We go often to the library, so it is pretty simple to read new books and to discover new stories that we like. I plan for us to discover 5 new books every week.

  • – story time at the library focused on book series

I will create a special day of the week when we will go to the library and we will have a special storytime using children’s book series. Reading several books from the same series will allow us to discover the main character in different situations and I’m sure it will be fun!

Additional ideas

  • – discuss a challenging moment using books

This additional idea is something I tried before and it has great results! The children cannot always easily talk about the challenges they face, especially when they are young, so reading stories about that particular challenge helps them to understand it better, to be more open to discuss it and also to slowly overcome it. I discovered some very helpful books about different challenging moments that young children face and I plan to use them for helping Bogdan overcome them.

Here is our plan for this month, I’m sure that Bogdan will enjoy discovering a lot of new books and stories! If you like the idea of a month dedicated to books and stories for your kids, I would be glad if you would join us! I will be sharing soon a list of our favorite books if you need some additional inspiration for your book collection. 🙂 I am also preparing a great list of books that can help kids deal with different situations, they can be really useful if you face a challenging moment and you want to help your child overcome it.

For now, I can only wish you a happy first month of spring, with a lot of wonderful activities with your children!
Parenting challenge books and stories

Parenting challenge books and stories

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