Parenting challenge: My report for January and my plan for February

Raluca Loteanu February 8, 2017
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parenting challenge february

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I can’t believe that the first month of my parenting challenge is already gone, the time really goes by very quickly! As I planned at the beginning of the year, I will follow this challenge monthly and I will share with you my ideas, hoping you’ll join us! 🙂

January was dedicated to connection time and I had a plan that included daily and weekly activities for me and my son. You can find my detailed plan here: Parenting challenge: my plan for the first month. Today I share with you a short report about how this month went for us to see if we have accomplished to put into practice all the ideas from the plan.

My report for January: How the “Connection time” month went for us

I will go through all the ideas I had on my plan to tell you what I managed to accomplish and what I haven’t done as planned.

Daily activities on my plan

– 2 sessions of special time

I accomplished to have special time with Bogdan daily and we discovered a lot of new ways to connect, so this was something I’m really proud I made this month. I plan to continue with daily special time because it really helped us have a better relationship and I also get the chance to discover my son in different ways every time.

– a mini dance party (just the two of us, in the living room)


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Bogdan was very happy to have these dance parties and I enjoyed them too! In some days we stayed for one additional hour in the park and we agreed to skip the dance party, so they weren’t daily but we still had them pretty often.

– a “cuddling session”

As I wrote in my plan, these cuddling sessions come naturally and they are part of our everyday life so it wasn’t difficult to put this idea into practice. Bogdan really likes cuddling and he is very loving so I enjoyed every cuddling moment we shared!

Weekly activities on my plan

– one mom-son date

We have a weekly date on Friday when we go to the library and we have our special time there. We also went to the zoo and to a children museum in San Francisco, so I think that we really accomplished this part of the plan.

– a “connection activity”

This part is the one I haven’t put into practice very well this month and I’m sorry about it! We started the month with some nice activities but our schedule changed when we started to spend a lot of time outside so we haven’t make a lot of connection activities.

Overall it was a great month and we had some wonderful moments together. I hope that the connection we build will help us go through the difficult moments easier and I am looking forward to the next month of our challenge.

My plan for February: The “Arts & crafts” month of the parenting challenge

February is dedicated to arts & crafts so I am planning a lot of creative activities for us. It’s great that we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month because that brings us new craft ideas and I’m sure we will celebrate this day in a special way.

I made a plan to better organize our activities and I hope to be able to keep it.

Things to do every day:

– one easy craft every day

I already have a list of 28 playful craft ideas, so it will be easy to find inspiration for our daily crafts. I plan to organize an exhibition at home with all his crafts, I’m sure that Bogdan will love the idea!

– one art activity every day

I am still searching ideas because I want to prepare different projects like painting, drawing, canvas painting, finger painting and so on. The plan is to let Bogdan explore his creativity without many interventions from my part. I am also looking for a nice way to frame some of this drawings so if you have any ideas I would be glad to find them out.

I hope to come back soon with some art project ideas for small children in case you also need some inspiration. 🙂

Things to do every week:

– a story in a drawing

This is a lovely idea that I discovered recently and I really want to try it with Bogdan this month. The idea is simple: the parent makes a drawing illustrating a story and he tells the story while drawing. The story can from a book or it can be invented on the spot. Then it is the child’s turn to do the same thing: making a drawing while telling a story. I think this is a good opportunity to use stories and drawings for addressing some of Bogdan’s feelings and fears and I’m really curious how it will work.

– an easy handmade gift for someone we love

The arts & crafts month is about creativity but it’s also a perfect opportunity to create cute little gifts for the persons we love. I plan to create with Bogdan a small gift every week. It’s a great way to combine creative activities with preparing nice surprises for our loved ones!

Additional ideas

In addition to the daily and weekly activities, I plan to do an event at home called “exhibition day“. In that day we will display our favorite art and craft works and we will make a mini party at home (only the three of us) to celebrate it. Normally I would have invited some family members to enjoy the exhibition but since we moved abroad we don’t have this possibility anymore so we will celebrate on our own.

Before Valentine’s Day, I plan to make with Bogdan these 10 lovely and easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids in addition to our daily crafts so we will have a lot of creative activities to do!


I hope you will enjoy these ideas and you will put them into practice with your kids! I would be glad if you would join me in this parenting challenge, it would be great to know that other parents will be inspired by my ideas.

I wish you a wonderful month with a lot of creative activities with your children! parenting challenge february

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