Parenting challenge: Last month’s report and my plan for the month of music and dance

Raluca Loteanu April 13, 2017
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At the beginning of the year, I have started a parenting challenge to help me build a better relationship with my child, a choice that I am very glad about! I really enjoy it and I feel that following these monthly challenges allows me to focus more on my child and to do a lot of wonderful activities with him. The first month was dedicated to connection time, the second was focused on arts and crafts activities, and now we have just ended the month dedicated to books and stories.

Here I’m sharing our activities from last month and our plans for April and I invite you to join us in this parenting challenge! It’s a truly amazing experience and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

My report for March: How the “Books and stories” month went for us

Bogdan is at a stage when he loves books and he wants me to read stories to him all the time, so having a whole month focused on this was wonderful for him. We haven’t managed to do daily activities based on a book (as I planned), but we have read a lot of stories and spent some great mornings at the library!

Books have also helped us a lot to prepare for the first day of preschool, that was a big event for us this month. If you will soon go through a similar experience, here is a list of great books for preparing for preschool. Our favorite one was “The kissing hand”, it’s a gentle and wonderful story that has helped a lot with diminishing the separation anxiety and the fears related to this big change. Instead of going through my plan step by step and tell you what we managed to do (like I use to do in my reports), this month I prefer a different approach. I just want to show you some of the books that we have read this month at the library and really liked. If you have a toddler or a preschooler, I’m sure that you’ll find some inspiration here! 🙂

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My plan for April: The “Music and dance” month of the parenting challenge

April is dedicated to music and dance, so I am planning a lot of activities that focus on discovering different instruments and songs, but also enjoying some nice dance sessions. I have already bought most of the materials that we will use this month and I’ve made a plan to better organize our activities, so I can only hope to be able to keep to it.

Things to do every day:

– listening to classical music


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We have already started this and I’ve been happy to see how much Bogdan enjoys it! We have discovered two playlists that we plan to use this month: this one contains 14 tracks that we will use to combine music and movement and this one contains calm tracks that we’ll use during independent play or quiet time.

I also found some great tracks here. The site includes playlists from famous composers and it’s a great resource for parents.

– discovering the musical instruments

I have just bought 12 small musical instruments that are suitable for young kids and we plan to play with them every day. I also plan to teach him about other instruments using pictures and books and I’m really curious to see if he will be interested to find more details about each instrument!

[ You can check our list of instruments here: 12 musical instruments that are great for young kids ]

Things to do every week:

– learning about music around the world

I’ve got this idea from one of my monthly subscriptions at Little Passports. We have received some materials that are great for starting discussions about the different types of music and instruments around the world and I plan to use them this month. We also have a CD with songs from different parts of the world and I plan to add some additional pictures and books depending on how much interest Bogdan will show about this.

– having a special dance session

We dance often, even on classical music :-), but I plan to do some special dance sessions using the dances that I’ve discovered here (this is a site that someone recommended to me and it has simple songs and dances for young kids).

– discovering different dance styles

I also want to show Bogdan different styles of dance and various rhythms (latino, rock and roll, disco). I am looking for some videos with professional dancers performing different dances to show them to him, I think it can be a nice way to find out what he thinks about each of the styles.

Additional activities:

I would like to take Bogdan to a music museum this month, but I don’t know yet what alternatives do we have in our area. It would be nice for him to discover music in a museum and I hope to be able to put this into practice.

I also plan to try to do some “homemade” musical instruments. I found an interesting article here and I think it will be great to try to create our own instruments!

More resources

Here is a list of some additional resources that I’ve discovered during my research for preparing this month’s activities:


An interesting video with sounds of the instruments: here

Other musical instrument crafts: here

A nice activity: Kids Kitchen Water Xylophone Science Experiment.

This is our plan for this month, I’m sure that Bogdan will enjoy discovering music and dance in a different way than before. If you like the idea of a month dedicated to musical activities for your kids, I would be glad if you would join us!

At the end, I can only wish you a happy month, with a lot of wonderful activities with your children!parenting challenge music

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