Play ideas: color hunt, alphabet jump, and a wash station {OPM #2}

Raluca Loteanu June 5, 2017
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Play ideas for young kids: color hunt, alphabet jump, and a wash station | Play ideas for toddlers | Play ideas for preschoolers | Activity ideas for young kids

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Have you ever felt that you don’t have any idea what new activity to try with your child? Or that you found a lot of ideas but you just don’t get to put them into practice? If you had, I totally know how it feels! I’ve gone through moments when I had no inspiration when my son wanted us to try something new. And I’ve also gone through moments when I had a whole board of play ideas for young kids saved on Pinterest but I never really put them into practice!

This is why I’ve decided to start this series of regular articles on my blog to share with you some of our activities! For me, this will be a nice journal of our playful moments! And I hope that for you the articles will be an inspiration for trying new activities with your kids! Each article will only have 4-5 ideas, so they will be really easy to put into practice!

In this article, I want to share with you 4 activities that we recently did. They were all easy to do and fun and my son enjoyed them a lot!

1. Indoor color hunt

This activity was one of Bogdan’s favorites! It combines color practice with developing attention to details, so it’s also a great learning opportunity.

Here is how we did this activity: I draw several circles of different colors on a paper. Then I invited him to search for items in the house that had each of these colors. Once he discovered an item with one of the colors he checked it on the paper. The challenge was to finish checking all the colors as soon as possible.

To be able to do this activity over and over again using the same paper, I’ve used a simple trick: I’ve placed the paper in a heavy-duty sheet protector and Bogdan has used dry-erase markers to check the colors. After each hunt, I’ve deleted the marker with a napkin and we have used the list again. 🙂play ideas for young kids

2. Alphabet jump

If you want your child to practice the alphabet and burn some energy at the same time, this is a great way to do it! The idea is really simple: I’ve used sidewalk chalk to draw circles with each letter of the alphabet. Then he has jumped from one circle to another while we’ve named the letters.


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I’ve drawn the circles to form a semicircle and after jumping through all of them Bogdan had to run from Z to A to start the jumping again. We had a lot of fun with this!

3. Stickers (again) and my favorite sticker book

In the previous article of this series, I’ve written about one of Bogdan’s favorite sticker books. Now it’s time to show you my favorite sticker book! 🙂

It is The World of Eric Carle My First Sticker Treasury (Deluxe Sticker Encyclopedia). I like it because it combines simple information about the animals with very cute stickers. If you are familiar with Eric Carle’s style (he is the author of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”) and you like it, you’ll certainly enjoy this book too! The stickers combine real images of the animals with drawings in Carle’s style, so the book looks wonderful. And it’s also a wonderful way to learn more about the animals!play ideas for young kids

4. Animal wash station

If your kids like playing with water, they will have fun with this activity! I’ve used a bin with water, a small container with foam soap and a toothbrush to prepare it. Then I’ve invited Bogdan to wash all his plastic animals. He has used the soap and brush to clean them, the water bin to clear them, and the towel to dry them. We have this set of safari animals, so he had a lot of animals to wash. 🙂

You can try this activity with any small plastic toys, I plan to try it with car toys too. If you have a very young child and you worry about the mess, you can do this activity in the bathtub or outside. I’ve just used a big towel to protect the carpet because Bogdan is already used to playing with water without making a big ideas for young kids

If you liked these ideas, I hope that they will inspire you for new activities with your kids! 🙂 I wish you a lot of lovely moments with your little ones!

Our Playful Moments (OPM) is a project to encourage simple ways of playing to make kids happy and build a strong parent-child relationship. You can find all the articles in this series here.
Play ideas for young kids: color hunt, alphabet jump, and a wash station | Play ideas for toddlers | Play ideas for preschoolers | Activity ideas for young kids

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