A summer bucket list for young kids: Ideas for a happy summer {+ printable}

Raluca Loteanu June 7, 2017
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summer bucket list for young kids

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A few days ago I read something that I really never thought about: we only have 18 summers with our kids! When our kids are so young it seems that we will have plenty of time with them. But the truth is that time goes by so quickly! They grow rapidly and we should enjoy every moment when we have them close to us! With this in mind, I am more determined than ever to make this summer really fun and lovely! So I’ve created a list of experiences and activities for us to try during the summer months. If you also like the idea of a summer bucket list for young kids, I’m sure that you’ll find some inspiration on our list!

What I like most about having a summer bucket list is that it will keep us focused on enjoying the most of every day! There are 92 summer days and we have 49 things on our list, so will have plenty of activities to do! 🙂

My goal for this summer is to make every day count! I truly hope that at the end of the summer we will be able to look back and say that we’ve had a great time!

Our bucket list contains 3 categories: experiences to try (for the whole family), activities to try (for Bogdan) and 3 places to go (on family trips).summer bucket list for young kids

Summer bucket list for young kids

Here is our list of playful ideas. There are 49 ideas that can make summer more enjoyable for the little ones and the whole family!

Experiences to try

  1. Visit the zoo
  2. Bike ride on a scenic road
  3. Visit a town nearby
  4. Go stargazing
  5. Spend a day on the beachsummer bucket list for young kids
  6. Read 10 new children books
  7. Have a water fight
  8. Have a family pajama party
  9. Spend a day/night in a tent
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Collect seashells
  13. Go on a day trip to a nice place nearby
  14. Have a family game night
  15. Go to a new restaurant
  16. Visit a farmers market
  17. A day at the pool
  18. One day without technology
  19. Visit 3 museums
  20. Try a new ice-cream shop
  21. Go to an amusement park
  22. Visit a local farm
  23. Do a science experiment
  24. Go on a road trip
  25. Visit a new park
  26. Go on a train ride
  27. Write letters to people we love
  28. Bake cookies/cupcakes
  29. Do a storytime outside
  30. Have a family photo shootsummer bucket list for young kids
  31. Go to a sporting event
  32. Go to a new library

Activities to try

  1. Nature scavenger huntsummer bucket list for young kids
  2. Special parent-child date
  3. Collect rocks and paint them
  4. Sidewalk chalk games
  5. Obstacle course
  6. Construction games with Lego or blocks
  7. Hula hoop games
  8. Puzzles
  9. Water balloons games
  10. Bubble games
  11. Finger painting
  12. Playdough play
  13. Water beads play
  14. Sticker games

The last items on our list are 3 places we want to go this summer.summer bucket list for young kids

Download our summer bucket list or create your own personalized list

If you want to have a summer bucket list to use with your kids, I am sharing our printable file with you. You will find there our list and also a blank list in case you want to add different ideas.summer bucket list for young kids


  • 15+ printable resources: activities for kids, morning checklists, chore lists, planners, and much more
  • plus 12 months of ideas to help you build a happy relationship with your child

You can download it from here. I plan to display it on the refrigerator to have it always at hand. 🙂 I hope that the ideas will bring you some happy and playful summer months!Having a summer bucket list for young kids is a great way to enjoy the most of the summer months and create a lot of lovely family moments! | Family summer bucket list | Summer bucket list for toddlers | Summer bucket list for preschoolers | Summer activities for kids

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