12 educational toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world

Raluca Loteanu July 1, 2017
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toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world

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If you are looking for fun, engaging ways to teach your children about the world, here is a list of our favorite resources! I’ve gathered a collection of 12 educational toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world: continents, countries, monuments, animals, and much more. I had the chance to discover them while creating the plan for the month of geography activities from our parenting challenge. They are perfect for stimulating kids’ curiosity and making them want to discover more about the world. I am really glad to share them with you and I hope that you’ll like them as much as I did!

Activity books and atlases

1. Sticker Road Trip: 50 States (sticker book)

I totally like this sticker book! It has maps of every state with interesting information for kids. The stickers are colorful and they make the learning really fun! Kids can also color the double-sided poster of the 50 states from the book.

2. National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas (maps and activities)

This road trip atlas is an incredibly useful resource! And it has a very good price too! It has information about every state and kids can learn a lot of interesting facts!

The book contains cool things to do, boredom busters, fun facts, and games accompanying the maps.

3. Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas from Usborne

I am a big fan of Usborne books and we had a lot of them ever since Bogdan was a baby. The Picture Atlas is great because kids can lift the flaps and discover interesting things. This stimulates their curiosity and makes the activity more engaging.

4. Swift Walker: A Continental Journey: Geography Books for Kids (volume 1)

Swift Walker is a character who introduces kids to the continents, maps, and basic geography concepts. The book has colorful illustrations and invites the children to a journey on all the continents.

5. Swift Walker: World Geography Coloring Book

This book is from the same series as the previous one. It is a coloring book with maps and images from all the continents.


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6. [USA] Map in the Tub from Alex Toys

This toy is a fun way to combine puzzles with bathtub fun! The set includes the 50 states, weather and landmark pieces to layer on and a suction cup mesh storage bag.

We use it in the bathtub but also in other learning activities. The foam pieces are great for young kids!

7. World Map Floor Puzzle from Melissa & Doug

I heard a lot of positive feedback about this floor puzzle. It is for school-aged kids but it can also be used for learning activities with younger kids. So if your children like puzzles, this could be a very good choice!

8. Around the World TOOB from Safari

The Safari Toob sets are great for a lot of activities! We have several sets and we use them for learning activities and imaginative play. This set of landmarks is perfect for matching countries with famous landmarks.

9. [USA] Supertoob – USA from Safari

If you want to focus on American landmarks, this set contains a collection of miniature replicas of U.S. monuments. It is great for matching landmarks with different states on the map.

Globes for kids

10. Illuminated World Globe for Kids from Little Experimenter

This globe looks so nice! It is colorful and small, so young kids can easily use it! The thing that I like most about it is that it lights up in dark and that makes it pretty unique!

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a globe or you have very young kids, an inflatable globe could be a good choice. This way, children can learn about the world while playing catch!

I also find this Labeling Globe very interesting! Kids can use wet-erase markers to write directly on the globe.

11. Puzzle Globe from Learning Resources

Another good resource for young kids is this puzzle globe. I like the idea of keeping kids engaged with the puzzle pieces. The only disadvantage of this globe is that it doesn’t have details about the countries in each continent.

12. Early Explorers from Little Passports

Early Explorers” is an educational monthly subscription designed for preschoolers. Every month, the package includes fun activities, educational toys, stickers, trading cards, and learning games. Each package has a unique theme.

We started our Early Explorers Subscription in December last year, so we already have a lot of resources from them.

If you are looking for an educational subscription plan for your child, I totally recommend you to check them out! Bogdan is a big fan of Mia, Max, and Toby (their characters) and he learned a lot from their monthly activities. The map that we have now on our living room’s wall is part of The Traveler Kit that we received in the first Little Passports package.

They also have other resources for older kids. You can discover all of them on the Little Passports site.

If you want to see some pictures of the resources that we plan to use in our month of geography activities, just click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

I hope that you enjoyed our list of toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world! If you have any additional recommendations, I would be glad to find them out and add them to the list.If you are looking for fun, engaging ways to teach geography to your children, here is a list of educational toys and materials for teaching young kids about the world. | Geography toys for toddlers | Geography resources for toddlers | Geography toys for preschoolers | Geography materials for preschoolers

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