10 lovely and easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids (+the list of craft supplies for them)

Raluca Loteanu February 6, 2017
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Valentine's Day crafts for kids

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February is the Art & craft month of my parenting challenge, so I planned a lot of crafts to do with Bogdan. I wrote about some of them here: 28 playful craft ideas and a complete list of craft supplies for kids, but I really wanted to include some Valentine’s Day crafts for kids on our list too. I was amazed how many nice ideas I found so I gathered them here to inspire you to try them too.

I tried to select only easy-to-make crafts that can be done by small children too and I also focused on finding crafts that don’t require a lot of craft supplies. My biggest frustration when finding nice craft ideas is that usually I don’t have all the supplies on hand and most of the times we give up making the craft because of this.

I gathered here 10 Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that can be made with only a few craft supplies. At the end of the article, you will find the complete shopping list for making all these crafts (and a printable list too), so I hope this will give you the motivation to buy the supplies and make all of these crafts with your kids.

I also created a Pinterest board including these ideas and some more, I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

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10 Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Here is our list of craft ideas, you’ll find for each of them a list of supplies you need and the link to the tutorial. At the end you’ll find the complete shopping list including all the supplies you need for making these 10 crafts.

1. Heart Caterpillar

This is an easy and cute craft that kids can easily make.


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Supplies needed:  two different colored pieces of paper, a black marker, two googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick

Tutorial here: Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar Craft For Kids

2. Heart Ladybug

I like ladybugs and I was happy to find this nice idea. This craft is really easy to make and you only need few supplies for it.

Supplies needed: red and black construction paper, scissors, glue

Tutorial here: Heart Lady Bug Valentines Craft

3. Heart shaped animals

If you liked the ladybug craft ideas you will certainly enjoy these crafts too. The tutorial includes nice printables so you can easily create the 6 animals: heart chicken, heart fish, heart squirrel, heart alligator, heart hedgehog, and heart bunny.

Supplies needed: colored or patterned paper in a variety of colors, Scissors, glue stick

Tutorial and printable here: 6 Heart Shaped Animals

4. This much card

This is a super easy craft and can be a great gift for the loved ones. You only need some colored paper and the craft will be ready in a few minutes.

Supplies needed: colored paper, scissors, and glue

Tutorial here: This Much Card and a Kid Canvas

5. Flowering tree from a kid’s hand

Another cute idea for using the child’s handprint is this flowering tree. I love this idea and I think this is a lovely craft that even small kids can make.

Supplies needed: brown cardboard, colored paper, white paper, scissors, and glue

Tutorial here: Flowering tree

6. Bee mine craft

I saved a lot of paper rolls especially for making crafts with my son and I was glad to find this idea; the bee looks really cute!

Supplies needed: recycled toilet paper roll, yellow paint, black piper cleaner, yellow, black, white, and red cardstock (or construction paper), scissors, glue, tape, black marker

Tutorial here: Bee Mine Valentine Day Craft

7. Love bug craft

This is another craft that can be easily done by little children. I modified the idea a little bit just to adjust to more easy-to-get supplies, so you’ll see that the supplies list here is different from the one on the tutorial page. You can choose whatever alternative is simpler for you, I’m sure that the love bugs will look great anyway! 🙂

Supplies needed: colored craft sticks (this way we don’t need the acrylic paint anymore), pink and purple construction paper (instead of foam sheets), mini pom poms, googly eyes, white pipe cleaner, craft glue, black marker, mini craft jewels (optional)

Tutorial here: Super Fun Craft Stick Love Bugs (with the modifications mentioned above)

8. Rainbow paper heart pom pom wreath

If you want a nice kid-made decoration for Valentine’s day, this is a perfect idea! I modified the craft to make it easier for us: we don’t have a paper cutter so we will just use scissors to cut some colored paper. Also, we won’t create the pom pom from yarn, we will just use some mini pom poms glued together.

Supplies needed: colored cardstock, mini stapler, ribbon, mini pom poms, and scissors

Tutorial here: DIY Rainbow Paper Heart Pom Pom Wreath (we just made the modifications mentioned above)

9. Heart fingerprint tree craft

This is my favorite Valentine’s Day craft idea because it’s really lovely! And it is easy to make also! 🙂

Supplies needed: 2 sheets of white paper, finger paints (you can use normal washable paint too), black marker, scissors

Tutorial: Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft

10. Heart paper bag

These colorful heart paper bags are perfect for storing Valentine’s Day cards and are very easy to make.

Supplies needed: colored construction paper, pipe cleaners, straws, scissors, and glue

Tutorial here: Paper bag – heart

Shopping list for Valentine’s Day crafts

Like I wrote at the beginning of this article, I prepared a shopping list including the craft supplies you will need for all these 10 crafts. Some of them you probably already have in your house, some of them you’ll need to buy but they are really cheap. You can find craft supplies online at Amazon but you can also buy them in a lot of stores including Walmart, Target and may others.

You can find below the list, if you want to print it or save it on your computer you can download the printable here: Shopping list for Valentine’ Day crafts – printable. I hope you’ll enjoy making all these crafts with your kids!Shopping list for Valentine' Day crafts for kids

If you want to find more ideas for you and your kids and to gain access to our printable collection, I invite you to join our community by adding your email address below. You can also follow us on our Facebook page, I would be glad to have you there!

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