5 things we enjoyed about Winterfest at California’s Great America

Raluca Loteanu December 18, 2016
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winterfest great america

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Christmas is near and I really wanted to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, so I searched for a place where we could feel the Christmas spirit, enjoy the lights and spend a great family night. I miss the European Christmas markets and the special feeling they always brought us, so I wanted to find something similar, but in an American style. 🙂 This is how I found out about the Winterfest at the California’s Great America and we planned an evening there as soon as we could.

Friday evening we drove there and we had a wonderful time, so I wanted to share with you the things that I really enjoyed at the fest, in case you also plan to visit it. 🙂

winterfest great america

1. The lights

From the first moment we entered the park we were amazed by the lights, the place really looks magical. The trees are decorated with lights and the whole atmosphere feels festive and joyful.

winterfest great america

winterfest great america

2. The carousel

The park has many attractions for all ages, but we only visited the ones that were suitable for our 3-year old boy, so the carousel was by far the main attraction of the evening. It was the first time when Bogdan rode the carousel, so it will certainly be a nice memory for all of us. The carousel looks fantastic and has also an upper level, so I think everyone enjoys a ride in it.

winterfest great america

3. North Pole Post Master

In one of the cottages in the park there was the North Pole Post Master, a very nice decorated place where children could write a letter to Santa and send it. The place was really cute and we liked the idea very much. The walls were full of letters and the children seemed very happy to write the letters.


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winterfest great america

winterfest great america

We all sat on the bench and wrote our letters and then Bogdan put them in the mailbox, so it was a nice moment for all of us!

winterfest great america

winterfest great america

4. Meeting Santa (and the reindeer)

Another cottage was designed especially for a meeting with Santa Claus. It was full of nice decorations and Santa waited there to speak with the kids and make a photo with them.

Bogdan was not very enthusiastic about meeting with Santa, but the other kids were really happy and were looking forward to speaking with him. The main attraction for Bogdan in that room were the reindeer decorations, he totally loved them! We saw some real reindeer near the cottage and he was very happy to meet them, so when he saw the cute decorations the happiness was even greater. 🙂

winterfest great america

winterfest great america

5. The shows

All over the WinterFest, there were shows going on. Some of them were held outside and were more for the grownups, others were held inside, in one of the theaters, and were for the kids. We only went to one of the shows because Bogdan doesn’t have much patience to watch them, but it was a great experience. The show was very well designed, with music, dance and wonderful decorations on the stage and the story was nice. We went to the “Tinker’s Toy Factory” show, but there was also another one going on at the other theater (“It’s Christmas Snoopy”) and we wanted to see it too, but Bogdan was tired so we missed it.winterfest great america

Useful tips if you plan to visit WinterFest at California’s Great America

If you plan to visit WinterFest at California’s Great America I would recommend you to choose a warm day and if possible to avoid the ruch hours, when the park can become crowded.

If you want to find out more details about the park you can find them at the following links: live shows & events, activities (they have a great ice skating venue if you enjoy ice skating), rides & attractions (especially for older kids and grownups). You can find HERE the map of the place, just to see all the attractions and to plan your visit even better.

The park is less crowded during the weekdays, so it’s better to plan a visit then (the park is opened between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. during the week). The tickets are cheaper if you buy them online. You must also take into account the price of the parking, we paid 18$ for it.

Overall we had a great experience at Winterfest, so I think it’s worth the visit! I can only wish you a great time if you can there, I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!winterfest great america


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