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Inside: Discover a year’s worth of mom-child date ideas for enjoying happy moments with your kids! You’ll certainly find some good inspiration on this list.

For this Christmas, I prepared a special gift to offer to my son: a coupon book with one year’s worth of date ideas for us.

So in the last days, I created a big list of date ideas to include on our list, and I’ve discovered some awesome ideas!

If you like to plan dates with your child, I’m sure that you’ll find some good inspiration on this list!

Indoor mom-child date ideas

📌 #1 – Special Fort Date

Build a blanket fort and spend some time in the fort reading books or playing games.

📌 #2 – Dance Party Date

Have a dance party at home. Choose a nice playlist with the songs he likes and dance together.

📌 #3 – Cooking Date

Cook a nice meal together (or bake some cookies).

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #4 – Creative Date

Make a craft together. You can also make some handmade presents for dad and grandparents.

📌 #5 – Cuddle Date

Cuddle up in bed and read all your favorite stories.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #6 – Pajama Party Date

Have a Pajama party at home, with dance, pillow fights, and popcorn.

📌 #7 – Photo Booth Date

Create a photo booth at home and make a lot of funny photos together. Then you can print some of them and hang them in the house.

📌 #8 – Board Games Date

Have fun playing board games together! Here is a list of awesome games for young kids.

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📌 #9 – Talent Show Date

Create a little show together. You can create a song or a dance to perform together and practice it until it’s ready for the “show”.

📌 #10 – LEGO Building Date

Find some LEGO building challenges and have fun building structures.

📌 #11 – Family Stories Night

Tell stories from your childhood or from the time when your child was younger.

📌 #12 – Build a Gift Date

Create a handmade gift for someone you love.

📌 #13 – Homemade Pizza Date

Find an easy recipe to try or create your own recipe.

📌 #14 – Photo Album Date

Look through old photo albums and talk about the memories in the pictures.

📌 #15 – Interview Date

Prepare an interview with nice questions for your child. If the child is old enough, you can invite them to prepare an interview for you too.

If you are looking for ideas you can try while social distancing, check out the activities marked with a ⭐.

Outdoor mom-child date ideas

📌 #16 – Sporting Event Date

Go to a sporting event together. It can be a football match, a running competition, a horse-riding event, a basketball match, or any other event that you like.

📌 #17 – Picnic Date (⭐)

Go out for a picnic in the park. Pack some tasty food but also some board games and a ball to play with after the meal. If the weather is cold, you can have a picnic at home, on the floor of your living room.

📌 #18 – Bike Ride Date (⭐)

Ride bikes together at the park or on trails. You can also rent bikes if you dont have your own bikes.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #19 – Zoo Date

Go on a visit to the zoo and search for your favorite animals.

📌 #20 – Scavenger Hunt Date (⭐)

Make a list of things to search for and go on a scavenger hunt. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun during the search!

📌 #21 – Nature Scavenger Hunt Date (⭐)

If you like the idea of a nature scavenger hunt, you can download HERE a printable file for it.

📌 #22 – Mini-Golf Date

Play mini-golf together. Celebrate at the end with a tasty snack!

📌 #23 – Hiking Date (⭐)

Go on a hiking day trip. There are a lot of activities to try, from walking through the forest to going on a mountain trail. Documenting your trip with a lot of photos will make it even more fun!

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📌 #24 – Farm Date

Go to a farm and spend some time in nature and playing with the animals.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #25 – Photo Scavenger Hunt Date (⭐)

Do a photo scavenger hunt! Invite the kids to a walk through a nice place and come up with a list of things to capture. The kids will be happy to discover them and take pictures! (even the little ones that are not really good at taking pictures)

📌 #26 – Stargazing Date (⭐)

Go stargazing in a quiet place. If you have a backyard, you can put a blanket on the grass and just watch the sky together. If not, you can drive to a nice place where the sky is clear and enjoy the stars.

📌 #27 – Pool Date

Spend a whole day at the pool together.

📌 #28 – Water Fight Date (⭐)

Plan a water fight with water balloons.

📌 #29 – Kite Date (⭐)

Build a kite and go out on a windy day to play with it.

📌 #30 – Rainy Day Date (⭐)

Go out on a rainy day and have fun in the rain! Puddle jumping is so fun!

📌 #31 – Natural Park Date

Visit a natural park near your house and enjoy nature together.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #32 – Botanical Garden Date

Visit a botanical garden and make a list of your favorite plants.

📌 #33 – Festival Date

Go to a nice festival together.

📌 #34 – Boat Ride Date

Rent a boat and explore a lake together.

Other mom-child date ideas (that happen outside the house)

📌 #35 – Movie Date

Pick a nice movie and go to the cinema to see it together. Or buy a DVD and enjoy the movie at home with some popcorn.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #36 – Breakfast Date

Go to a nice place and eat a tasty breakfast together.

📌 #37 – Ice-Cream Date

Go to your favorite ice-cream shop and enjoy a delicious ice-cream together.

📌 #38 – Aquarium Date

Go on a visit to an aquarium and make a list of the favorite animals that you discovered there.

📌 Museum date

Go on a visit to a local children’s museum. There are also a lot of hands-on activities that you can try at science and art museums.

📌 #40 – Secret Ride Date (⭐)

Go for a drive to a different town that is nearby and visit a nice place.

📌 #41 – Bowling Date

Play bowling together. Celebrate at the end with an ice-cream or a tasty natural juice!

📌 #42 – Childs Choice Date (⭐)

Let your child decide what youll do on the date.

📌 #43 – Library Date

Go to the library and read your favorite books together.

📌 #44 – Dinner Date

Go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. You can make this activity more fun if you dress in something special for the occasion.

📌 #45 – Day Trip Date (⭐)

Go on a day trip together and explore some nice places close to your home.

📌 #46 – Event Date

Attend an event together: a play (if the child is old enough to have patience during the play), a show for kids, or any other event your kids would enjoy.

📌 #47 – Coffee Shop Date

Go to a nice coffee shop. You can enjoy a tasty coffee, and the child can enjoy a glass of milk and a muffin.

📌 #48 – Amusement Park Date

Surprise your child with a trip to an amusement park near your house.

📌 #49 – Railroad Museum Date

Visit a railroad museum and take photos of your favorite model trains.

📌 #50 – Fire Station Date

Find out when the fire station is open for visitors and visit it together.

📌 #51 – Activity Class Date

Take a class together. It can be art, cooking, a foreign language, dance – whatever both of you like to do.

mom-child date ideas

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📌 #52 – Train Ride Date

Go on a train ride to a nearby city and make it fun and adventurous.

There are a lot of ideas on this list, so I hope to inspire you to plan many dates with your kids!

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Discover a year's worth of awesome mom-child date ideas for enjoying happy moments with your kids! You'll certainly find some good inspiration on this list and your child will love these ideas! --- Mom-son date | Mom-daughter date | Mom-child date | Raising kids | Parenting #ParentingTips

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