bucket list april

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bucket list april

At the beginning of the year, for the first time in my life, I only set one resolution for this year. But it also was the most powerful one!

I wanted to allow myself to dream big and build a happy life one day at a time. So I made a commitment to myself: That every single day of the year I’ll try to do little things that make me happy, that I will believe in my dreams, and that I will have the courage to chase them.

This resolution is not about checking many things on a wish list in a short time. It’s about enjoying the present and creating a happy and meaningful life.

The first step I took at the beginning of the year was to start a bucket list. The list includes both small things that can bring me a smile in an ordinary day and big things that I dream of.

To be more intentional in my journey to a happier and more meaningful life, I’ve decided to post a monthly update on it. This will help me keep track of all the important things that happen in our life, celebrate the wishes that came true, and add new ideas to the list.

My hope is that these monthly reports will also inspire other moms to make more of their wishes come true! I want these reports to be helpful too, so I’ll share here our favorite finds from every month.

You can read the previous reports here: JanuaryFebruary, March.

Let’s get started! 🙂

April: A month in a word

The word of the month is exploring. We discover some awesome places in April and this was something that we enjoyed a lot!

What happened this month & Favorite finds

  • We celebrated Easter at home.

We spent Easter at home, in a very relaxing way. I’ve prepared an Easter hunt with glow-in-the-dark eggs and my son liked it a lot! We had a nice Easter meal on the balcony and then we spent the whole afternoon playing board games.

  • We went on a road trip through 4 states.

It all started with my wish to visit South Carolina. Then we decided to extend this into an awesome road trip! We flew from California to Florida and then we rented a car and visited places in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

I loved this road trip even though it was a little tiring, especially in the last 2 days. But it was totally worthwhile!

bucket list april

One thing that made the long flights and many hours spent in the car a lot easier was our travel binder. I was very glad that I decided to create a travel binder for my son and I’ll certainly do it again on our next trip!

If you are preparing for a vacation with the kids and you want to find an easy way to keep them busy during the trip, here are all the details about how to create the travel binder: How to easily create a travel binder that will keep kids busy for hours.

bucket list april

  • We visited Epcot Theme Park at Disney World Orlando.

This was on my wishlist ever since I first read about the park and I’m so glad that I got the chance to visit it! We spent a whole day in the park and it was a wonderful experience!

I hope to write a blog post about the park soon and share with you some helpful tips in case you plan to visit it too.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the park. It looks lovely, isn’t it?

bucket list april

bucket list april

My son’s favorite activities

Here are some of the things that my son enjoyed the most this month:

  • dining with his favorite characters

When we visited Disneyland California last year, one of my regrets at the end of the visit was not reserving a character dining experience. So when we decided to visit Epcot, I knew that I wanted to plan a dinner with the characters for my son.

We spent a night at a Disney resort in Orlando and we went to both a dinner and a breakfast with Mickey and his friends. My son loved this! And I also enjoyed it a lot because it was wonderful to see him so happy!

  • our stay at the Great Wolf Lodge

During our road trip, we spent 2 nights at the Great Wolf resort in Concord, North Carolina. I knew that my son will love the indoor water park but our experience there was a lot better than I imagined!

The resort has many activities for kids that my son was glad to discover. Also, we booked a Wolf Den suite and he was super excited to have a cave-themed sleeping area just for him in the room!

  • the activities from preschool

He goes to a co-op preschool and he likes it very much! I go there once a week as a working parent and I get to see him playing and having fun with the other kids.

The school year will end soon and I’m sure that he will miss his friends during the summer!

My favorite activities

By far my favorite thing this month was the road trip! My husband wasn’t really interested in visiting South Carolina and North Carolina but I’m so happy that I insisted! He ended up liking both states and enjoying the days that we spent there.

But another thing that was very special for me this month was creating my first ebook for moms. It’s called the Playful Mom Challenge kit and it’s designed for busy moms who want to spend more quality time with their kids every day.

It offers ideas for 20 days of play and connection that moms can easily implement in just 30 minutes a day. If you are curious to discover more about the Playful Mom Challenge kit, here is a sneak peek of what is included. The official launch is tomorrow and I hope that this kit will inspire many moms to enjoy many happy moments with their kids!

An update on my bucket list

If you’re curious to check out the list, you can find it here: Dream big. Dare more. Do the things that make you happy – My bucket list.

Wishes that came true this month

  1. Visit 4 new American states in the next year (I’ve already visited nice places in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Texas, and California, so I’m looking for new destinations to discover)
  2. Create an ebook for moms
  3. Spend a day at Great Wolf Lodge
  4. Visit Disneyland Epcot

New wishes on the list

I also added 4 new wishes to my bucket list. You can check them out here – they are marked with “added April 2018”.

April was a great month and it brought us many awesome new experiences! I hope that May will bring us new adventures and at least as much fun!

I wish you a happy and meaningful month, with many wonderful moments with your loved ones!

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