self control activities for kids

The best way to help children manage strong emotions: Easy Calming Strategies for Kids

Teach your child how to calm down and manage strong emotions with a printable set of easy tools for self-regulation and emotion coaching!

calming strategies - easy tools to help kids calm down

Discover the best tools for teaching kids how to deal with strong emotions when they feel overwhelmed

For young kids, learning to control their emotions and calm down when they get overwhelmed requires time and support.

Children need guidance from their parents to understand their emotions and learn better way to behave in challenging situations.

Using a calm down kit and teaching my child how to manage his emotions made a big difference for us!

It made tantrums and angry moments easier to handle for me and it offered him the strategies he needed to deal with strong feelings in a better way!

If your child needs more support in learning how to manage their emotions, this printable set is perfect for learning how to create a calm down kit for them and use the printable posters and cards to teach self-regulation!

What is included

  • Calm Down Kit Checklist - easy tips and a list of things to include in a calm down kit for your child
  • Calming Strategies - two posters with strategies for your child to use to calm down when feeling overwhelmed
  • Emotions Poster - a playful tool for teaching kids to recognize their emotions and manage them in a positive way
  • Calming Ideas - 16 cards that offer easy strategies for kids to use when dealing with strong emotions
  • Helpful tips for managing tantrums in a gentle way and handle difficult moments easier

An awesome bonus

Get the Calming Strategies set right now and get the Feelings and Emotions Activity Set for free!

This printable activity set is great for teaching toddlers and preschoolers about feelings and emotions and you can download it as a bonus when you get the Calming Strategies set!

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self control activities for kids

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