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When I first read about a Christmas book countdown, I instantly loved the idea! We read Christmas books for kids every year in December, but having a book countdown seemed such a lovely way to make our reading time more special.

Last year, we read a chapter from the book “How Winston Delivered Christmas” every night from December 1st to Christmas Eve, and we enjoyed it a lot! It was a wonderful way to count down the days to Christmas!

This year I wanted to prepare a Christmas book countdown with one book for us to read every day. But after a while, I realized that we would enjoy the books even more if we would have more time to enjoy each of them.

So instead I prepared 10 days of Christmas books, when we will discover a new book every day in the first 10 days of December. This will allow us more time to enjoy the stories before Christmas and use them as inspiration for creative activities.

Christmas books for kids

To make these 10 days really special, I spend a lot of time looking for the best Christmas books for kids. And I discovered 10 wonderful stories that I can’t wait to share with the kids!

Our 10 days of Christmas books for kids

The books look absolutely beautiful, so if you are looking for new Christmas books to enjoy with your kids, I’m pretty sure you’ll find inspiration in this list!

Day 1: “Last Stop on the Reindeer Express” by Maudie Powell-Tuck

Christmas books for kids

This book shares the story of a girl named Mia who discovers a magical mailbox and finds hersef inside the Reindeer Express that takes her in a journey to her grandpa.

The illustrations are wonderful, and the books has many nice details like doors that open into the next page, peek-through holes, and even a card to the kids can open and read.

⭐ Get it here: Last Stop on the Reindeer Express (recommended age: 3-7 years)

Day 2: “Pick a Pine Tree” by Patricia Toht

Christmas books for kids

This book shares the story of a family who visits a pine tree lot to pick out the perfect tree, and then goes through all the rituals of decorating the tree together.

The story and the illustrations perfectly capture the joy and excitement of the holiday season!

⭐ Get it here: Pick a Pine Tree (recommended age: 3-7 years)

Day 3: “The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker” by Katy Flint

Christmas books for kids

My oldest son is a big fan of the “The Nutcracker”, so I knew that I wanted to include this story in our list of Christmas books!

Instead of choosing the “classical” version of the book, I discovered this musical retelling of “The Nutcracker” ballet that is absolutely special!

The kids can push a button on each of the scenes in the book to hear the vivid sound of an orchestra playing from Tchaikovsky’s score.

⭐ Get it here: The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker (recommended age: 6-12 years)

Day 4: “The Little Reindeer” by Nicola Killen

Christmas books for kids

This book shares a wonderful story of a friendship between a little girl and a lost reindeer. I love both the magical tale and the lovely illustrations created by the author.

⭐ Get it here: The Little Reindeer (recommended age: 4-8 years)

Day 5: “The Great Spruce” by John Duvall

Christmas books for kids

This books shares a heartwarming Christmas tale about a boy named Alec who comes up with a plan to save his favorite tree, the one he and his grandpa decorate together every year.

⭐ Get it here: The Great Spruce (recommended age: 5-8 years)

Day 6: “Olive, the Other Reindeer” by Vivian Walsh

Christmas books for kids

This book shares a lovely story about a dog who thinks it is a reindeer. Olive decides to go to the North Pole and join Santa and the other reindeer.

There is also a movie based on the book that you can watch with your kids after reading the story.

⭐ Get it here: Olive, the Other Reindeer (recommended age: 3-12 years)

2 funny Christmas books for kids

I wanted to add some funny books on our list as well, so days 7 and 8 will be all about funny stories!

Day 7: “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas” by James Dean

Christmas books for kids

We love Pete the Cat books, so I was glad to discover this holiday book with our favorite blue cat!

⭐ Get it here: Pete the Cat Saves Christmas (recommended age: 4-8 years)

Day 8: “Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook” by Kim Smith

Christmas books for kids

I remember watching this movie as a child, and I was happy to find a book that is a a gentle version of the movie!

⭐ Get it here: Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook (recommended age: 4-8 years)

Day 9: “The Christmas Wish” by Lori Evert

Christmas books for kids

This book shares the story of a brave little girl named Anja. She wants to be one of Santa’s elves, so the winter animals help her make her way to Santa.

The pictures in the book are really amazing!

⭐ Get it here: The Christmas Wish (recommended age: 3-7 years)

Day 10: “5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas” by Jimmy Fallon

Christmas books for kids

This #1 New York Times bestseller is a sweet story about a boy waiting for the Christmas day. The story is simple and joyful, and the illustrations are beautiful!

⭐ Get it here: 5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas (recommended age: 3-6 years)

Christmas stories make the holiday season more special and magical, and I can’t wait to get cozy in our reading corner and enjoy all these books with the kids!

Have a wonderful holiday season, with many happy story times with your little ones!

This awesome list of Christmas books for kids is perfect for the holiday season! You'll find here read aloud Christmas stories, heartwarming Christmas books for children, and funny Christmas stories the whole family will enjoy!
- Christmas book countdown with the best Christmas books for kids

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