DIY coupon book for kids

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Inside: A coupon book for kids is a wonderful way to offer them a meaningful gift, make them feel loved and plan many happy moments together. It is the best gift for building a strong connection with your child!

Some time ago I wrote about the most powerful way to overcome difficult parenting moments and about the importance of building a strong relationship with our kids.

From all the feedback I received from the parents who are part of the Family Joy Club, I realized that there are two big difficulties that most of us face when it comes to connecting with our kids:

  • We often get caught in the daily hassle and we don’t offer us the chance to just slow down and enjoy our kids.
  • We all want to make our kids feel loved and cherished but sometimes we just have no idea how to do this, especially when we are busy or overwhelmed by all the things going on in our life.

The good news is that there is a way to go over these challenges, and it’s pretty easy!

First, we need to make a commitment to make more time for meaningful interactions with our kids. Just spending time with kids is not enough if we are not truly present and available for them.

I see this all the time in my life! Sometimes I spend the whole day with my kids and we do many things together. But at the end of the day, I realize that we haven’t really connected at all.

Other times, I can spend almost the whole day working and only have 2 hours to spend with my kids in the evening. But if use that time in a meaningful way, those 2 hours can mean so much!

Building a strong connection with our kids is not only about spending a lot of time with them. Most of all, it’s about spending meaningful moments with them and building memories that make them happy!

DIY coupon book for kids gift

One of the best ways to connect with kids is planning special dates with them!

I do this often with my kids and our dates offer us one of the best moments we spend together. During the dates, we get the chance to focus on each other, have fun, and interact in a playful way. And we build so many happy memories!

This is why I decided to create a special coupon book for kids

At first, I created it because I wanted to offer my eldest son a special gift (we love to offer him experience gifts).

But I quickly realized it’s such a simple way to get closer to our kids, so I want to share it with you and I hope that your little ones will enjoy it as well!

This coupon book for kids is more than a gift. It’s a promise that we make to our children to spend time with them on a regular basis. To enjoy nice experiences together. To make our relationship a priority, above all the other things going on in our life.

What is included in this special coupon book for kids

The coupon book contains 52 mini coupons that you can offer to your kids. There are 2 types of coupons included in this book:

  • date coupons (that include an easy date idea to enjoy with your child)

They are great for multiple ages, so you can easily enjoy them with your kids. Some of them are super easy to plan, others need a little preparation.

  • gift coupons (that include nice things that you can easily prepare for your little ones – like visits to the library, a family movie night, or their favorite breakfast).
printable coupon book for kids

How to create a coupon book for your child

This coupon book for kids is very easy to create it once you download the printable file at the end of the article.

You will need:

  • white paper (you can use regular paper for the cards and cardstock paper for the covers)
  • a stapler or a hole punch and a ribbon (depending on how you want to bind the coupons)
  • the printable coupons (at the end of the article).
printable coupon book for kids

How to prepare the coupon book

1. Print the coupons from the printable file.

2. Decide what cover to use and personalize it with your child’s name.

3. Select the coupons that you want to give to your child. The printable file includes 52 filled-in coupons plus 4 blank templates where you can add your own ideas.

3. Bind the coupons together. You can do this either by using a stapler or by using a hole punch and a ribbon.

4. Offer the coupon book to your child. I’m sure that this gift will bring a lot of joy to your kids and will help you plan many happy moments to enjoy together!

coupon book for kids

Download the special coupon book for kids

You can download the coupon book using the below link. The printable file will include all the coupons you need to create an awesome gift for your child.

Click here to download the printable coupon book

I hope that you and your kids will enjoy all the ideas!

DIY coupon book for kids

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