all about me box

You can use this idea to plan a fun family night, but you can also divide it into 2 parts and schedule it during the weekend.

How to plan this activity

  • First, invite the kids to decorate their “All about me” boxes with you. (see all the details below)
  • Then, all family members will select a few items that represent them and their interests. The kids will include the items in their boxes, and the parents will just gather the items and have them ready for sharing time.

If you plan this activity as a family night activity, give everybody 15 minutes to select the items. If you want to divide this activity into 2 parts, decorate the boxes in the morning, and plan the sharing time in the afternoon, so that everybody has the whole day to gather the items.

  • At sharing time, invite all family members to take turns sharing the items they chose and why they chose them.

Connection tip: Encourage kids to share short stories about the items in their boxes to get to know more about their interests.

How to create the “All about me” boxes


For every “All about me” box, you will need:

  • an empty shoe box (or any other box or container you have at home)
  • white paper
  • stickers, colored pencils, markers, colored paper (and any other supplies you want to use to decorate the box)
  • glue.
all about me box

How to decorate the box:

  • Add a white piece of paper on top of the box and on the inside of the lid.
  • Invite the kids to decorate the lid using drawing supplies, colored paper, stickers, and anything else they want. If needed, help the kids with decorating their boxes or writing on the labels. (We used stickers and we finished decorating the box pretty quickly.)
  • Get creative and have fun!

After the kids finish decorating their boxes, invite them to fill it in with items that represent them and their interests (books, small toys, drawings, photos, things related to their hobbies, etc), and plan the sharing time when all family members will share what they chose.

Helpful tip: For younger kids, it is helpful to show them how you choose the items that represent you to give them an example of what items they could choose.

After this activity, invite the kids to keep the box in their rooms and use it to store items that are important to them. It is always nice to see what “little treasures” the kids choose to keep in their boxes.

all about me box

I hope you and your kids will enjoy this idea!

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