DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

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Inside: Discover a list of wonderful Father’s Day gifts from kids that will make dad feel happy and loved.

A few weeks ago, when I created the Mother’s Day questionnaire for my son to fill in, he asked me if we will make one for Father’s Day as well.

I was glad to hear him say that and I told him that we can even prepare more handmade Father’s Day gifts together if he wants.

To my surprise, he quickly came up with more ideas: a medal, a homemade card, a list of all the things he loves about his dad.

His enthusiasm inspired a special Father’s Day gift we created together: a box with little gifts to show my husband how much the kids love him.

If you are looking for ideas for this Father’s Day, I hope that our special box will inspire you!

DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids: 6 ideas to try with the kids

The Father’s Day gift we created this year includes 6 elements.

If you like the ideas, you can include all of them in your gift or select just some of them.

Below you can find all the instructions, the supply list, and the printable files.

Father’s Day gifts from kids: A lovely questionnaire for kids

This gift is very easy to prepare: You just need to print the questionnaire and the templates for the drawings, and invite the kids to fill them in.

It’s nice to discover the little one’s answers, and this questionnaire will certainly become a cherished memory for years to come!

You can even turn it into an yearly tradition and see how your child’s answers change over time!

Father’s Day gifts from kids: Personalized mug for dad

To create the personalized mug, you will need:

a ceramic coffee mug

acrylic paint markers.

Invite the kids to create a special drawing on the mug using the paint markers. You can also add a message or fingerprints.

Then bake the mug in the oven at 300°F for 35 minutes. Let it cool down in the oven to avoid cracks. (Do not wash the mug in the dishwasher.)

DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

Father’s Day gifts from kids: “Best dad” medal

You can create the medal from scratch by cutting two big circles out of cardstock paper, glueing them together, punching a hole at the top and adding a ribbon.

If you want to use the templates in our printable pack, you will just need to print them and glue the two sides of the medal together.

DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

Father’s Day gifts from kids: Homemade card

Here is an easy and lovely way to create a homemade card:

  • Fold a colored cardstock paper into half.
  • Place the child’s hand close to the folded line of the paper so that the side of their hand touches the edge.
  • Trace the handprint and then cut it out.

Also, you can cut out three little paper hearts and add them inside the card (like in the photo below) to add a pop-up effect to the card.

DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

Father’s Day gifts from kids: Coupon book for dad

To create the coupon book, you just need to print the coupons, cut them out, and invite the kids to select what coupons they want to include.

Then use a hole puncher to punch two holes in the coupons and tie them together with a ribbon. (You can also staple the coupons together if you prefer this option.)

If your kids want to create their own coupons for dad, use the blank coupons to add their ideas to the coupon book.

Father’s Day gifts from kids: “Things I love about dad” mini-book

For the mini-book, you will need a set of gift tags (like these ones) and the labels included in the printable pack (optional).

You can either print the labels on regular paper and cut them out or print them on an Avery label sheet (this model). Then add each label on one gift tag.

On separate gift tags, add ten things your kids love about their dad. I wrote the text on each of the gift tags and asked my son to fill in the blanks with his answers. 

You can find our ideas below in case you want to use them:

  1. My favorite thing about you is …
  2. I’m very happy when you …
  3. I love how talented you are at …
  4. I love to … with you.
  5. I love when you tell me …
  6. I love to watch you …
  7. I love to play … with you.
  8. I love when you help me ...
  9. You make me smile every time you …
  10. I love that you always find time to …
DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

Tie all the gift tags together with a ribbon, and your mini-book is ready!

Including all the Father’s Day gifts in a lovely box

If you decide to try all these ideas and prepare a lovely surprise for Father’s Day, you can use a decorated box to make the gift look even more special.

DIY Father's Day gifts from kids

You will need:

  • a gift box / packing box (I used this box)
  • the printable labels (included in the printable pack below).

To create the box, print the labels, cut them out, and glue them on the top of the box and the inside of the lid.

The printable pack for the DIY Father’s Day gift

You can create these gifts from scratch, without the printable pack, because they can be easily made from scratch.

I created the printable pack to make it easier to prepare the gifts and make them look nice and colorful. If you want to use the printable files as well, you can download them using the link below.

The printable pack includes: the Father’s Day questionnaire for kids, the coupon book, the labels for the mini-book, the template for the medal, and the labels for the box.

>> Click here to get the printable pack

Besides the printable pack, you will need a few additional items to create your gift.

Here is the list of additional items you will need for the Father’s Day gift:

I hope that you and your kids will enjoy preparing this gift, and that it will help you make Father’s Day more special!

Discover a list of wonderful Father's Day gifts from kids that will make dad feel happy and loved.
Download a printable Father's Day questionnaire for kids, a coupon books for dad, and other templates that will help you prepare a lovely gift for dad.
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