DIY Valentines for kids

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Inside: These colorful DIY Valentines for kids are easy to create and make great gifts for kids to offer to their classmates on Valentine’s Day!

When my son was in kindergarten, he came home from school on Valentine’s Day with a bag full of Valentines from his classmates.

We were very happy to read all the cards and discover all the small surprises inside them, and we put all the little gifts in a box on my son’s desk.

From all the things he received that day, I noticed that he enjoyed the most the little items that he could really use: a ruler with heart stencils, some reusable robot stickers, and a sharpener with a nice design.

This is when we both agreed that every year we will try to offer his classmates homemade Valentines that they can actually use (and hopefully enjoy).

This year we looked for way to put this idea into practice, and we decided to create some crayon Valentines for his classmates.

DIY Valentines for kids

Creating these DIY Valentines was also a nice opportunity for him to put some effort into preparing gifts for his friends, and I loved seeing him get involved in every step of the process.

We designed the labels together, he chose what crayons to put in each bag, and even came up with the idea to add a smiling heart next to his name on each Valentine.

DIY Valentines for kids

How to create DIY crayon Valentines for kids

We enjoyed creating these Valentines and I wanted to share this idea with you, in case you want to try it this year with your kids.

DIY Valentines for kids

You will need:

  • full sheet labels (these make adding the labels very easy – you can also use regular paper and double sided tape, but it takes longer to add the labels on each bag)
  • the template for the labels (you can download it here).
DIY Valentines for kids

How to create the crayon Valentines:

  • Print the template on the full sheet labels and cut out the two labels for each bag.

We used a label that didn’t include the name of the recipient because this is what the teacher asked us, but you can also find a label that allows you to include the recipient’s name inside the template.

  • Select 6 crayons to include in every bag.

We tried to include a variety of colors in every bag. The crayon set also included sparkly crayons, so we tried to include at least one of them in every bag as well.

  • Place the crayons horizontally inside the bag (see the picture below), then fold the bag and seal it on the back. If you include 6 crayons in the bag, they will fill half of the bag, making it easy for you to fold and seal it.
DIY Valentines for kids
  • Invite your child to fill in the labels with their name (before adding the labels on the bag). My son also added a smiling heart on the label to make it look cute. 😊
  • Add the label with the text on the front of the bag and the label with your child’s name on the back.

I tried to place the front label in a way that lets both the tips of the crayons visible and the upper and bottom crayons visible, and this make the Valentines look nice and colorful.

DIY Valentines for kids

That’s all! It was really easy to create these Valentines for my son’s classmates and I think they will enjoy using the crayons in their drawings.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy this idea as well!

These colorful DIY Valentines for kids are easy to create and make great gifts for kids to offer to their classmates on Valentine's Day!

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