father and son love

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father and son love

I like to tell my son that I love him very often. Because I feel this with all my heart and I want him to always know it!
It comes naturally to me and it makes him happy!

My husband, on the other hand, is not used to expressing his feelings in words. I know this from my own experience as I think about the first year of our relationship. 🙂

But I realized that my son needs to hear him expressing his feelings as much as he needs me to do it. And maybe even more.

For my son, dad is his superhero!

Their relationship is so special and powerful! I see the joy in my son’s eyes every time dad comes home from work. I see his curiosity and excitement anytime they do something new together. And I see how happy he is every time his dad plays with him.

There is that special bond between them that is stronger than I’ve ever imagined! And I feel so glad that they get to share so many awesome moments together.

I noticed how much my son values every moment of affection that they share. Every hug and every cuddle. And most of all, everything that his dad tells him!

There are some things that all sons need to hear from their dads. Phrases that seem so simple but are so powerful! Phrases that will model their personalities. And most importantly, phrases that will help them become happy and confident men.

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1. “I love you!”

We live in a world where we are taught that boys need to be tough. And that we need to “toughen” our boys to prepare them for life.

But the truth is that what boys really need is love and support. Because they are the foundation of strength.

Hearing how loved they are will not only make them happy but will also teach them to express their feelings towards the people they love.

2. “I’m happy to be with you!” / “I’m happy to do this with you!”

Every son needs to know that his dad enjoys his presence and the activities that they do together. This will make them feel valued and will boost their self-esteem.

3. “I will always be there for you, no matter what!”

This phrase is such a beautiful way of expressing unconditional love! Every son needs to know that he can count on his dad.

This will bring him more courage and will make the father-son even more powerful and trustful.

4. “I’m proud of who you are!”

There is no better way to boost a child’s confidence than saying this! Every son needs to know that his dad appreciates him for who he is. That it’s not about the things he does but about how wonderful he is.

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5. “There were times when I failed or I did mistakes. But this only helped me learn to do better.”

In the eyes of a son, a dad is the most amazing man in the world! A son will always look up to his dad and learn from him.

And one of the most important lessons that he can learn is that failure is normal. And mistakes too. Knowing this will help him accept his own failures a lot easier, overcome them, and have the courage to try again.

6. “I believe in you!”

These 4 words can mean so much! They will help the child have more confidence in himself and this will make him stronger and more determined to follow his dreams!

7. “I love your mom and I respect her!”

Boys learn how to interact with others by watching what their dads are doing. And one of the most important relationships that they witness every day is the one between their parents.

The way a boy sees his dad treating his mom has a huge impact on how he will interact in his future relationships.

Hearing his dad say how much he loves and respects his mom is one of the most precious lessons that a boy can learn about relationships. And this will help him build happy and healthy relationships as an adult.

I hope that my son will have the chance to hear his dad say these things many times as he grows. Because they matter a lot!

I truly believe that raising boys that hear these phrases often from their dads will make this world a better place. Don’t you?

7 simple and powerful phrases that every son needs to hear from his dad. They can really make a difference! | Fatherhood tips | Being a dad | Fatherhood advice | Parenting tips for dads #ParentingTips

7 simple and powerful phrases that every son needs to hear from his dad. They can really make a difference! | Fatherhood tips | Being a dad | Fatherhood advice | Parenting tips for dads #ParentingTips

photo credit preview photo: EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com

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