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Some time ago we added a new small book display to our playroom and decided to use it to display a special set of books every month.

We choose a theme inspired by the current month (e.g, gratitude in November, holidays in December, etc), select a set of books for us to explore together, and focus on them throughout the month.

We read the books during our story time, but we also use them as inspiration for other activities: coming up with our own stories inspired by the characters, creating artworks inspired by the illustrations, starting meaningful conversations about the things we learned from the stories.

Having new books on our special book display every month (even if they are books we bought in the past years or ones that we borrow from the library) adds more fun and excitement to our reading time.

The kids love to discover the new books at the beginning of the month, and we always enjoy trying activities inspired by the books!

In December we focused on these 10 lovely Christmas books, and this month we decided to explore winter books for kids.

If you are looking for nice books to read with your kids this winter, I gathered here a list of our top 10 favorite winter books for children.

Our favorite winter books for kids

winter books for kids Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

1. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak – This book with wonderful illustrations is a great way to welcome the new season and encourage kids to notice all the changes winter brings.

winter books for kids The Wish Tree

2. The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear (illustrations by Chris Turnham) – This book shares a heartwarming story about a boy who wants to find a wish tree and discovers the power of friendship and kindness.

winter books for kids Bunny Slopes

3. Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda – This is one of my son’s favorite winter books! It’s an interactive book, so the kids get to participate in the story and “help” the bunny sky down the slope.

winter books for kids Over and Under the Snow

4. Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner (illustrations by Christopher Silas Neal) – This book invites the kids to discover the animals who live over and under the snow during the winter season, as a girl and her father watch for signs of animals during a walk through the forest.

winter books for kids Sneezy the Snowman

5. Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright (illustrations by Stephen Gilpin) – – This is a silly story about a snowman who is cold and tries to find a way to get warm without melting.

More winter books for kids

winter books for kids

6. Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (illustrations by Jane Chapman) – This picture book about a bear who hibernates while other animals came to his cave is great for young kids! The illustrations are beautiful and the story is lovely!

winter books for kids Blizzard

7. Blizzard by John Rocco – This visually appealing book shares an experience the author went through as a child: the Blizzard of 1978, which brought fifty-three inches of snow to his home town in Rhode Island.

winter books for kids Snowmen at Night

8. Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner (illustrations by Mark Buehner) – This book shares a fun tale about the “secret life” of snowmen and what they do at night.

winter books for kids There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!

9. There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! by Lucille Colandro (illustrations by Jared Lee) – My son loves this book, and although I have mixed feelings about this whole series, I enjoyed reading the story to him and see his excitement as he discovers the surprise at the end.

winter books for kids The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder

10. The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder – This non-fiction book shares many fascinating facts that will help kids understand the science behind snow.

I hope you and your little ones will enjoy these lovely winter books for kids!

More winter activities for kids:

our top 10 favorite winter books for kids

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