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Inside: Discover 5 easy and fun drawing games for kids to enjoy with your little ones.

During the first lockdown after the pandemic started, my eldest son drew almost every day.

He found inspiration in all the things around him: the books we read, the things he learned at school, the movies we watched, the games we played.

I loved watching his creativity grow, and I wanted to use his interest in drawing to prepare a few nice activities for us to do together.

This is how I discovered some fun drawing games for kids, and we both enjoyed them a lot!

What I like most about these games is that you don’t need to have any special drawing skills to play them!

If you want to try new games with your kids, I gathered here 5 of our favorite drawing games.

These easy-to-prepare activities will not only help you kids develop their skills and creativity, but they’ll also give you plenty of opportunities to connect and have fun with your little ones.

drawing games for kids

Drawing game #1: “Roll a character” dice game

This is one of our favorite games right now, because my son and I created it together. It all started with a “roll a doodle” game he discovered at school that he wanted to make more fun and creative.

We tested several ideas before deciding on the final “rules”, and it was such a fun experience to create the game!

I love this game because we can personalize it every time we play it and choose different colors and patterns to add to our drawings.

Here is how to prepare the game:

  • Print the “Roll a character” page and add your colors and patterns on lines 2 (Colors) and 3 (Patterns).
  • Each player starts by drawing a frame on a blank piece of paper and divide it into several sections that will be used for drawing the patterns.

You can see an example in the picture below.

drawing games for kids roll a character game

How to play this drawing game:

  • Step 1: Roll the dice and check the number on your dice on the first line (Elements).

If you don’t have that element on your paper, add it to your drawing. Then your turn ends.

If you already have that element on your drawing, check if it is colored. If it’s not colored, move to step 2. If it’s already colored, move to step 3.

  • Step 2: Roll the dice again and check the number on your dice on the second line (Colors). Use the color in the corresponding box to color the element you got on step 1. Then your turn ends.
  • Step 3: Roll the dice again and check the number on your dice on the third line (Patterns). Add the pattern from the corresponding box on your drawing (either on the frame or on your character), using any color you want. Then your turn ends.
  • The game ends when one of the players builds a character that has all the elements on line 1 and is fully colored. The player who completed their character is the winner of the game.

Writing these rules makes the game seem complicated, but it’s actually really easy to play once you get started. 😊

You can download the printable template for this drawing game here.

drawing games for kids roll a character game

Drawing game #2: Guess and draw game

For this game, you will need:

  • game template
  • small fabric bag
  • small items to hide in the bag

To get started, create the game template by drawing 6 small squares for each round of the game. You will need one game template for each player. (Check the picture below to see what the template looks like.)

drawing games for kids

Invite the kids to play a guessing game and take turns hiding items for the other players to guess.

On each round, one player hides six items inside a small fabric bag. The other players take turns putting their hand inside the bag and trying to guess the objects by touching them (without looking inside or taking them out).

After all the players have their turn touching the objects, they have 2 minutes to draw the six items on each of the squares on the paper. When the time is up, check to see how many items every player guessed.

Helpful tip: You can make this game easier for young kids by hiding only 3 items inside the bag.

drawing games for kids

Drawing game #3: Silly animals

This easy game is fun for kids all ages, and it’s also great for siblings to play together.

Here is how to prepare this activity:

  • To get started, prepare 12 small pieces of paper and write one animal name on each of them. (e.g, dolphin, lion, giraffe, raccoon, fox, monkey, turtle, hedgehog, bear, rabbit, deer, etc)
drawing games for kids
  • Prepare the paint, paper, and drawing supplies.
  • Place all the animal cards face down, and invite the kids to choose three of them to use as drawing prompts (one for the head, one for the body, and one for the tail).
  • Draw the silly animals inspired by the prompts. Then, choose another set of animal cards and start a new drawing.
drawing games for kids
drawing games for kids

Drawing game #4: “Pass the drawing” game

This easy drawing game is great for connecting with your kids through creativity! 

Here is how to prepare this activity:

  • Every participant in the game gets one paper with their name on it and sits around a table. Place all the drawing supplies at hand on the table so that everybody can easily access them.
  • Set the timer for one minute. Every participant gets one minute to start a drawing by adding a few elements on the paper.
  • When the timer dings every participant passes their drawing to the person who sits next to them on the table. Every participant will have a new drawing in front of them, and the timer starts again for one minute.
  • Repeat these steps for several rounds and give all participants a few opportunities to add elements to all the drawings. Get creative and have fun!
  • At the end of the game, check out how all the drawings turned out.
drawing games for kids

Drawing game #5: Foldables

I included this idea on our list of pen and paper games for kids, but I want to add it here as well because it’s a really fun drawing game to try with your little ones.

How to play this drawing game:

  • Every player gets a piece of paper. Divide each paper into four horizontal sections (by folding it in half and then once again in half horizontally, and unfolding it).
  • Each player starts on the top section and draws the head. After the drawings are done, each player folds that section back so that the drawing is hidden, and gives the paper to the player next to them.
drawing games for kids
  • Without unfolding the paper, the next player uses the next section to draw the chest and arms, then folds the paper again and gives it to the next player.
  • The game continues with the players drawing the stomach and hips on the third section, and the legs and feet on the fourth section.
  • When all the drawings are complete, take turns unfolding the papers and discovering your finished work of art.

I hope you and your kids will enjoy these activities as much as we did!

drawing games for kids

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