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Inside: Discover 5 easy and fun LEGO games for kids your whole family will love!

Some days ago, I found a box full of LEGOs in my closet.

I quickly remembered the moment I placed it there, a few months before. It was the time when my youngest son started walking all around the house, grabbing all the small LEGO pieces he could find.

To make the playroom safer for his little brother, my oldest son agreed to build with magnetic blocks instead of LEGOs and store the bricks in the closet for a while.

I wanted my son to play with his LEGOs again, but I didn’t want to have them all around the house again, so I decided to use the bricks to prepare a few games for us to play together!

And it turned out to be a great idea because not only did my son love the games, but my husband and I really enjoyed playing them as well!

This is why I decided to share them with you, and I hope your family will enjoy them as much as we did!

5 easy and fun LEGO games for kids (that you will enjoy as well)

If you want to play some easy and fun new games with your kids and you have some LEGO bricks at hand, I encourage you to try these ideas!

You can quickly prepare them and they are great for connecting with your kids and having fun together!

lego games for kids

LEGO game #1: “The tallest tower” dice game

You will need:

  • LEGO bricks (I filled a small box with LEGO bricks that were the same size)
  • a dice (we also added a “legend” to make it easier for my son to understand the rules)
  • (optional) one LEGO figure for every player (we used them to add more fun to the game by “personalizing” our towers)
lego games for kids

How to play:

  • Each player chooses a mini-figure and places it on a small brick to start their tower.
  • Players take turns rolling the dice two times.
  • The first time, the number on the dice will determine if the player will add more bricks to their tower or take bricks out and return them to the box. If a player rolls a number between 1 and 4, they will add bricks to their tower. If a player rolls the numbers 5 or 6, they will take bricks out of their tower. The number of bricks added or removed will be determined when the player rolls the dice the second time.
  • The player will then roll the dice the second time. This time, the number on the dice will show how many bricks the player will add to their tower or take out of their tower (depending on what the number on the first dice was).
lego games for kids
  • If the player needs to remove more bricks than they have in their tower, they will only remove the number of bricks they have. (e.g., if a player has 3 bricks in their tower and they need to remove 5, they will only remove 3)
  • Also, at the end of the game, if a player needs to add a number of bricks to their tower that is bigger than the number of bricks left in the box, they will only add the bricks that are available in the box. (e.g., if there are 2 bricks left in the box and the player needs to add 4 bricks, they will only add the 2 bricks left)
  • The game ends when the box is left empty. The winner is the player who has the tallest tower at the end of the game.
lego games for kids

LEGO game #2: Memory game with bricks

You will need:

  • LEGO bricks (we used the same box of bricks we used for the dice game)
  • two empty egg cartons
  • a kitchen towel (or something similar to use to cover the egg carton during the game).
lego games for kids

How to play:

  • The first player will have an empty egg carton in front of them. The other players will fill in the other egg carton with one brick in each hole.

Depending on the age of the players, you will fill in a different number of holes: 4 for young kids, 6-8 for older kids, 6-10 for adults.

lego games for kids
  • The player will look at the bricks in the egg carton and try to remember how they were placed to be able to fill in their egg carton the same way.
  • When the player feels ready, the other players cover the egg carton with a kitchen towel (or something similar) so the bricks are no longer visible. Then the player needs to use bricks from the box to recreate the configuration they saw in the egg carton.
  • When they are done, players compare the two egg cartons to see if the bricks are placed correctly. If so, the player gets one point.
  • The game continues with the next player and so on. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.
lego games for kids

LEGO game #3: Blindfolded building game

You will need:

  • 20 LEGO bricks of the same size (you can change the number of bricks depending on the age of the players)
  • a timer
  • a blindfold.

How to play:

  • Place the 20 LEGO bricks in a small box to make them easy to locate fo the blindfolded player. (we used the egg carton to place the bricks)
  • The players take turns using the blindfold and building a tower out of the 20 bricks without looking at them.
  • Use the timer to see how long it takes for each player to complete their tower while blindfolded. The winner is the player who manage to build their tower fastest.
lego games for kids

LEGO game #4: Tic Tac Toe

We enjoy playing pen and paper games together, so I enjoyed the idea of creating a tic tac toe game out of LEGOs.

To prepare this game you will need:

  • a LEGO baseplate
  • LEGO bricks for building the frame for the game
  • 5 small LEGO bricks for each player to use (choose a different brick color for each player)

After building the frame, use the small bricks to play the game over and over again!

lego games for kids

LEGO game #5: Outdoor color hunt with LEGO bricks

This game is great for motivating kids to go outside and an easy way to make family walks more fun!

You will need:

  • small LEGO bricks of different colors (we used approx. 50 bricks for 3 players)
  • a small transparent bag or container for holding the bricks during the walk (we used a ziplock bag)

How to play:

  • During the family walk, invite all players to search for objects that are the same color as the LEGO bricks in your bag.
  • When a player finds an item, they get a LEGO brick of that color. (e.g., if a player finds a yellow flower, they get a yellow brick)
  • Each player builds a tower from the bricks they get by finding objects of different colors. The transparent bag makes it easy for the players to see what bricks are left in the bag to know what colors to look for.
  • The game ends when there are no more bricks left in the bag or when the walk ends. The winner is the player with the tallest tower of bricks.

You can even make a small “trophy” out of bricks to offer to the winner when you get home. 😊

lego games for kids

More LEGO games for kids

If you liked these ideas, here are some more LEGO games you can try with your kids:

  • Tallest tower challenge: Set the timer for 3 minutes and see who can build the tallest tower out of bricks during this time.
  • Spoon race across the room: Place a box full of LEGOs on one side of the room and an empty box on the other side. Player take turns using a spoon to transport bricks across the room as soon as possible. The winner is the player who manages to place the most bricks in the box in 2 minutes.
  • LEGO scavenger hunt: Hide 20 LEGO bricks and figures around the house and invite the kids to find them. To make the game more fun, you can set a timer and challenge the kids to find as many bricks as they can before the time ends.
  • Cover the baseplate challenge: For this game you will need a baseplate for each player and a box of bricks. The players compete to see who can cover their entire baseplate with bricks.

Enjoy and have fun!

Discover 5 easy and fun LEGO games for kids your whole family will love! You can quickly prepare them and they are a great way to connect with your kids and have fun together!
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  1. Char Upchurch says:

    I love the ideas you share Raluca! Thanks for all the great and easy to create with everyday items we have around the house. The Legos games were a hit with my 2 year old (with some modifications) as well as my older kiddos.