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Inside: Are you looking for some simple and fun New Year’s Eve ideas for kidsDiscover our list of ideas and plan nice New Year’s Eve activities to enjoy with your kids!

Ever since my oldest son was born, we spent New Year’s Eve with the kids every year. I love the idea of the kids being part of the celebration (at least for a few hours) and hugging them at midnight, even if they are asleep.

We usually celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kids at home, in cozy clothes or even in our “festive” pajamas (with one exception two years ago, when we celebrated on a cruise ship, with fancy clothes and a wonderful fireworks show).

This year, we will celebrate at home, just the four of us, and I think that this time my oldest son will be able to join us for the celebration until midnight.

I can’t wait for us to celebrate together, so I prepared a list of activities to enjoy together on New Year’s Eve.

I only chose easy activities that I can quickly prepare because I want this celebration to be about having fun together, without wasting time and energy preparing complicated activities.

We plan to start the celebration early so that our toddler can join us for some of the activities before he goes to sleep.

If you are looking for some simple and fun New Year’s Eve ideas for kids, I hope you’ll find some good inspiration on our list!

new year's eve ideas for kids

Our favorite New Year’s Eve idea for kids: Countdown bags

I like the idea of creating countdown bags for the kids because it builds up excitement and makes the wait more fun for the little ones!

Also, by including activity ideas in each bag, you will have one idea to try with the kids every hour, to keep everyone happy and enjoy the celebration together.

To create the countdown bags, you just need some paper bags, plus a little surprise and a piece of paper with an activity idea to include in each bag.

Here are some things you can include in the bags to add more fun to your New Year’s Eve: glow sticks, sparklers, confetti wands, balloons, party poppers, horns, props for fun photos, or even their kids’ favorite treats.

In each bag, include one little surprise for the kids and one activity idea to try together, then write a time on it (e.g., each hour from 7 p.m. to midnight).

When each time is met, your kids open one of the bags, and you do the activity in it together.

Below you can find a list of ideas to include in your countdown bags.

10 simple and fun New Year’s Eve ideas for kids

Here is a list of 12 ideas to try with your kids on New Year’s Eve. They are all simple activities meant to help you connect with your kids, have fun together, and enjoy a fun celebration together!

1. Decorate the house together

Invite the kids to create decorations for your New Year’s Eve celebration and display them in the living room.

You can create a garland together, or make drawings of your favorite moments from the past year and display them in the house.

new year's eve ideas for kids

2. Do a New Year interview with each of your kids.

Ask them about the past year, their plans for the next year and their favorite things. You can use this printable New Year interview for kids to record their answers.

Another nice idea is to make a video including all the interviews and start a family tradition of doing this every year.

3. Decorate New Year’s Eve crowns together.

You just need to prepare a tray or bin with supplies like crayons, paint, stickers, glitter, sequins, glue, and any other decorating items you have at hand, and invite every family member to decorate a New Year’s Eve crown or a party hat.

4. Make a family time capsule

You can get all the details about this activity, plus a printable family time capsule set here: How to make a wonderful family time capsule {+ printable}.

5. Decorate cupcakes together.

Invite every family member to decorate a few cupcakes using whipped cream, icing, sprinkles, pieces of fruit, and any other toppings your kids like.

6. Have a dance party.

You can use glow sticks and dance in the dark to make this activity more fun.

new year's eve ideas for kids

7. Festive playdough play

This is a great activity because it’s suitable for kids of many ages, and it can be relaxing for adults as well!

Prepare a bin with playdough, glitter, sequins, beads, confetti, cookie cutters, and any other decorating supplies you have at hand, and invite all family members to create a special playdough decoration for New Year’s Eve.

8. Look at photos you took during the year

If possible, show the photos on a big screen and enjoy them together! They will certainly bring back many memories from throughout the year, and be a perfect inspiration for the next activity on the list.

new year's eve ideas for kids

9. Create a list of the most important moments in the past year

This can include special events, milestones the kids reached, fun activities you did together, and any other things that make the past year memorable.

You can either make this list on a piece of paper (that will become a precious keepsake), or use colorful post-its to write every memory and add all of them on a wall.

10. Create a family bucket list for the next year

Invite every family member to come up with ideas, add the best ideas on the list, and display it on your fridge.

Having a bucket list is a great way to be more intentional about spending time together and planning fun family activities.

More New Year’s Eve activities for kids

  • Go on a memory scavenger hunt and challenge the kids to find photos hidden throughout the house (by No Time for Flashcards)

I hope you enjoyed this list of ideas! I wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, with many fun moments with your kids!

Are you looking for some simple and fun New Year’s Eve ideas for kids? Discover our list of ideas and plan nice New Year's Eve activities to enjoy with your kids!

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