Halloween books for kids

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My kids love celebrating Halloween! Right after my eldest son’s birthday in the middle of October, all their focus shifts to Halloween preparations.

They start drawing costume ideas, creating colorful decorations, and counting down the days until Halloween.

To make this time of the year even more fun for them, I like to prepare simple Halloween activities and a few new Halloween stories for us to enjoy together.

If you are looking for some great Halloween books to read with your kids this year, I gathered here a list to inspire you.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering these stories with your kids!

Below you can find 21 great Halloween books categorized by age so you can easily find a story for your little ones.

Halloween books for young kids (3-5 years)

Halloween books for kids

1 – Duck & Goose, Honk! Quack! Boo! (by Tad Hills) | 2-4 years

2 – Little Blue Truck’s Halloween (by Alice Schertle) | 2-4 years

3 – Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete (by James Dean and Kimberly Dean) | 3-6 years

4 – Leo: A Ghost Story (by Mac Barnett) | 3-6 years

5 – The Little Kitten (by Nicole Killen) | 3-5 years

6 – ⭐ Room on the Broom (by Julia Donaldson) | 3-6 years (one of our favorite Halloween books)

Halloween books for kids

7 – The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo! (by Elaine Bickell) | 3-5 years

8 – Pumpkin Jack (by Will Hubbell) | 3-6 years

9 – Ghost Afraid of the Dark (by Sara Conway) | 2-4 years

10 – The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt (by Riel Nason) | 3-6 years

11 – Halloween Is Coming (by Cal Everett) | 3-5 years

12 – Gilbert the Ghost (by Guido Van Genechten) | 3-5 years

Bonus recommendation: Pick a Pumpkin (by Patricia Toht) | 3-6 years

Halloween books for kids aged 4-7

Halloween books for kids

13 – Creepy Carrots! (by Aaron Reynolds) | 4-7 years

14 – Sir Simon: Super Scarer (by Cale Atkinson) | 4-7 years

15 – Arthur’s Halloween: An Arthur Adventure (by Marc Brown) | 4-7 years

16 – Gustavo, the Shy Ghost (by Flavia Z. Drago) | 3-6 years

17 – Christopher Pumpkin (by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet) | 4-8 years

18 – Creepy Crayon! (by Aaron Reynolds) | 4-7 years

Bonus recommendations:

  • Boo Stew (by Donna L. Washington) | 4-8 years

Halloween books for older kids

Halloween books for kids

19 – A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle (by Angela McAllister) | 5-8 years

20 – Inside the Villains (by Clotilde Perrin) | 5-9 years

21 – The Monsters’ Monster (by Patrick McDonnell) | 4-8 years

Halloween books for kids

If you are looking for easy and fun activities to try with your kids this fall, here are some more ideas to inspire you:

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