What if you could easily plan happy dates to enjoy with your loved one?

Do you ever find yourself so caught up in everyday tasks that you don't have enough time to find date ideas and plan them? Do you wish you could have easy date ideas at hand anytime you need them?

The Happy Dates Kit is designed to offer you 36 easy and fun date ideas that you and your partner will love!

The Happy Dates Kit will offer you 36 super cute date cards to help you create a wonderful date book that will bring you many happy couple moments!

The printable Happy Dates Kit contains:

  • 1
    36 date cards for putting the date book together
    All you'll need to do is print the cards, cut them out, and put them together using a ribbon.
  • 2
    A printable planner page for planning your next date nights
    This will help you become more intentional about planning dates and building a happy relationship!
  • 3
    A little journal space on the back of each card
    This will allow you to write down your favorite moment of the date and keep this memory in your date book!
happy dates kit

Get the a sneak peek inside the Happy Dates Kit!

Here is how the Happy Dates Kit looks like:

happy dates kit
happy dates kit

Are you ready for more happy couple moments? Get the Happy Dates Kit!

Buy the Happy Dates Kit for only $7

Download the kit, create your date books using the cards, and start enjoying happy dates with your loved one!

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