Lovely games for the holiday season: Holiday Bingo game {printable}

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year and what I love most about it are the wonderful traditions that any family can create during the holiday season.

One of the traditions that I like is playing a holiday-themed bingo game together! The game is suitable for almost all ages so hopefully, we will be able to play it for many years to come!

This year Ive created our own Holiday Bingo Game and I am glad to share it with you!

Bingo games are great for connecting with kids and having fun together so I’m pretty sure that your children will love this game!

How to prepare the game

1. Print all the pages from the printable file (you can download it at the end of the article). For durability, its easier if you print them on card paper or you laminate them.

2. Cut all the cards from the calling card board (the first one in the set).

3. Prepare a bowl with little items to put on the bingo board every time a player gets a hit! You can use buttons, small pom poms, little candies (make sure that they are safe for your child’s age). We use cereals!

Holiday Bingo game

How to play

– Create a stack of all the cards on the calling card and turn them face down.

– Give each player one bingo board (you will find 4 of them in this set). If you have a bigger family, you can split the players into smaller groups. This way youll have more winners too!

– Turn the top card on the stack over and call it out. If a player has it on their bingo board, they take an item from the bowl and place it on the corresponding image on their board.

– The game ends when one of the players has found all the images on their bingo board.

Download the Holiday Bingo Game

To download the printable game you just need to click on the below link.

>> Click here to download the printable Holiday Bingo game

I hope that youll enjoy this game as much as we do! Have fun!

Holiday Bingo Game

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