Lovely games for the holiday season: Christmas scavenger hunt

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If there is a game that my son could play over and over again without getting bored, this would certainly be scavenger hunts. We tried so many ideas! Nature scavenger hunt, Indoor scavenger hunt, LEGO scavenger hunt, and many more.

So I couldnt miss the chance to prepare a special holiday-themed scavenger hunt for us to try this year! If your kids love scavenger hunts too, Im glad to share this game with you and I hope that their will enjoy it a lot!

How to prepare the game

1. Print the scavenger hunt page at the end of this article.

2. If possible, laminate the page to be able to use it several times. (If your kids like the game, they will certainly want to repeat it! 🙂 )

In case you dont have a laminator at hand, you can use heavyweight protector sheets to make them reusable.

3. Prepare a dry-erase marker (or a washable marker) for your child to use during the game.

How to play

This game is very easy and fun!

Give your child the scavenger hunt page and the marker and invite them to search for all the items on the list. As soon as the child sees one of the items, they can check the corresponding box on the list.

The game ends when the child finds all the items on the list.

Download the Christmas Scavenger Hunt

To download the game you just need to click on the below link.

>> Click HERE to download the printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I hope that your kids will enjoy going on a scavenger hunt! Have fun!

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