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Inside: Discover an awesome list of 12 easy and special homemade ornaments for kids to try this year! They are easy to make and will certainly become precious memories for you and your kids.

homemade ornaments for kids

One of my favorite homemade ornaments is a salt dough ornament that I created when my son was 2 years old. It has his handprint on it and I love remembering how little he was back then!

Christmas keepsakes are a wonderful way to record memories that you will cherish for years to come. You can create a keepsake every year with your kids and you’ll end up with a wonderful collection that will bring you joy every Christmas.

I’m not a crafty person so I’m not good at recreating all those fancy tutorials that I see on Pinterest. So I looked for simple ideas that I can easily put into practice with my child. And I discovered some awesome ideas!

Today I want to share with you my favorite Christmas keepsakes. They are easy to make and will certainly become precious memories for you and your kids.

12 easy and special homemade ornaments for kids

I’ve gathered here 12 awesome ideas shared by other bloggers. I hope that you’ll like them as much as I do and that you’ll put them into practice with your little ones!

Salt dough and clay ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are my favorites because they are very easy to make and the kids enjoy playing with the dough. This year I plan to replace play dough with oven bake clay. I want to create some additional ornaments to offer as gifts for my son’s grandparents and I think that the clay looks better than the homemade salt dough.

Here are some great ideas to try with your kids:

1. Create a Santa ornament from your child’s handprint using this tutorial: Santa salt dough handprint ornaments by Messy Little Monster. The article also includes an easy salt dough recipe that you can use to create many homemade ornaments.

2. If you kids love the characters from Frozen, they will certainly love this Frozen Olaf Salt Dough Ornament by I heart arts n crafts. It’s cute and colorful and you can easily create it at home.

3. Replace salt dough with baking soda clay and create these lovely Handprint Keepsakes by Mama Papa Bubba.

4. The baking soda clay is also perfect for these Fingerprint Heart Ornaments by Mama Papa Bubba. They are great for young children because even toddlers can make them!

5. These Clay Fingerprint Keepsake Ornaments by The Pinterested Parent are easy to create and fun for the little ones! I loved the idea of creating an ornament with fingerprints from the whole family and I plan to try it this year!

Create keepsakes using plastic ornaments

I plan to buy a few clear plastic ornaments and use them to create some lovely ornaments with my son.

Here are some ideas that I really liked:

6. Create this cute Christmas lights fingerprint ornament by Miss Decarbo. It looks very nice as a Christmas tree decoration and it can be a great gift for the grandparents.

7. Another awesome idea is this Handprint keepsake ornament by A little pinch of perfect. This ornament is so lovely that it will certainly be cherished for years!

8. Here is another way to use fingerprints to create ornaments: the Reindeer Fingerprint Christmas Ornament by The country chic cottage.

(I also loved this idea that I found on Pinterest. You just need to cut a ribbon and make it the same size as your child, then fold it and put it in a clear plastic ornament with a little tag on it.)

Other lovely homemade ornaments for kids

9. These Christmas Keepsake Stones by The Artful Parent are perfect for decorating the house during the holiday season. They are also great gifts that kids can make for family and friends.

10. If you want to create homemade cards for friends and family, this Reindeer handprint Christmas card by I heart crafty things looks great! You’ll only need a few supplies and the card will look very nice!

11. This Handprint keepsake Christmas ornament by Beauty through imperfection is one of the easiest ways to create homemade ornaments with your kids!

12. My favorite idea is this Family Time Capsule Ornament by The chaos and the clutter. I love the idea of collecting memories in a little ornament and hang it in the Christmas tree. I want to try this with my son and my husband and I can’t wait to see how it will look!

Homemade ornaments for kids: All the ideas in one Pinterest board

When it comes to ornaments I’m pretty sure that pictures are helpful to help you decide what idea to try with your kids. This is why I created a special Pinterest board with homemade ornament ideas.

You can find the board here or you can check it out below.

I hope that you and your kids will enjoy these ideas! I wish you a happy and meaningful holiday season with many playful moments with your kids!

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Discover an awesome list of 12 easy and special homemade ornaments for kids to try this year! They are easy to make and will certainly become precious memories for you and your kids. --- Christmas keepsakes for kids | Homemade ornaments to make with your kids | DIY Christmas ornaments for kids #Christmas

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