June activity calendar for kids

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Some time ago, I started creating an activity calendar at the beginning of each month and displaying it on the fridge.

Every time I’m looking for an easy and fun activity to try with the kids, I quickly look at the calendar and put one of the ideas in the practice.

This made it a lot easy for us to spend quality time together, and added more fun to every day.

Every time I post a new calendar on the fridge, my oldest son asks me to read all the ideas aloud. For me, seeing a big smile on his face every time we do this is the best motivation to keep creating these calendars every month!

Our May activity calendar was one of my favorites so far, but for June I decided to try a much simpler version of our monthly calendar because we already planned Summer Camp at Home activities during the summer.

If you are looking for easy activity prompts to keep kids busy and have fun together, I invite you to try this calendar as well!

You can also find more details about our Summer Camp at Home below, in case you want to try it with your kids.

June activity calendar: How the monthly calendar works

If you want to use this activity calendar with your kids, here are 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the printable calendar using the link below.

2. You’ll receive the printable calendar per email, plus a list of special days to celebrate with your kids in June.

3. Print the calendar and display it in your home so you can easily access it every day.

4. Decide on a time of the day when you will do the activities and set a reminder on your phone to make sure you don’t forget about it. Have fun and enjoy the activities with your kids!

Click here to download the June activity calendar

Summer Camp at Home: Our plan for a fun summer at home

We kept our June activity calendar very simple because we plan to try a new “summer camp at home” that will give us something fun to do every day during the summer.

We first tried this last year and it was a great way to make our summer schedule easier to manage and a lot more fun.

Here is how our summer camp at home works:

  • For every week of the summer vacation we choose a theme and plan one activity to do every weekday based on that theme.
  • For every theme we also prepare a list of books to read together and a few fun weekend activities to try as a family.
  • I make a supply list for every week to make sure I have all the materials at hand when we need them, and we set a time every day to do the activities.

If you would like to try this idea with your kids this summer, you can download our Summer Camp at Home pack here.

The 8-week activity guide (suitable for kids ages 4-8) will make it easy for you to keep your kids busy and creative this summer. I hope you and your kids will enjoy it!

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June activity calendar for kids

I wish you a wonderful month of June with many happy moments with your kids!

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