kids birthdays during quarantine

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Yesterday my son’s best friend turned six and his birthday looked a lot different than we imagined a few weeks ago. I remember him happily planning his party, talking with his friends about all the things they do to celebrate, counting down the days until his birthday.

But the quarantine made it impossible for him to spend his birthday with his friends. We sent him a video message and left a gift in front of his door, but it felt sad not to be able to celebrate together.

Luckily, there are many ways to make a child’s birthday special even if you need to celebrate it at home, without their friends.

So I gathered here 18 ideas for lovely at-home celebrations while you practice social distancing.

kids birthdays during quarantine

18 lovely ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during quarantine

1. While the child is still asleep, fill in their bedroom with balloons. Kids love surprises and this will make them start the day with a smile on their face!

2. Prepare a special birthday breakfast. One of my favorite ideas is creating a small “cake” using pancakes, whipped cream, and sprinkles and adding a candle on top. You can also use a muffin with a candle on top.

🎁 Bonus idea: Click here to download a birthday interview for your child

3. Decorate the table for breakfast and even wear birthday hats while you eat.

4. Create a “What we love about you” jar for your child

All you’ll need is a jar and little note cards (or pieces of paper). Invite your child’s friends and relatives to send messages with things they love about the birthday child and write each of them on one notes.

Gather notes from as many people as you can, add your own notes, and place them all in the jar. Offer the jar to your child and watch their joy as they discover every note!

5. Even if you are can’t hold a birthday party, decorate the house as if you were having a party! You can use banners, balloons, paper blooms and notes with birthday wishes placed all around the house.

6. Invite family and friends to join you via video calls. You can use Zoom to invite your family and your child’s friends to join you for an “online” celebration. Another option is to use the House Party app for the kids to have fun together.

7. Put a sign in your front yard for people to honk for your child’s birthday.

8. Have a drive-by parade with signs and balloons. Invite family and friends to drive by your house during a specific time friend for your child to see them and their messages (from a safe distance).

9. Prepare a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to the birthday gift.

🎁 Bonus idea: Click here to download a birthday interview for your child

10. Invite your child’s friends to send video messages with birthday wishes.

11. Have a dance party and camp in the living room over night.

12. Let your child “make the rules” for the day: what to eat, when to go to sleep, what activities to do, and anything else they want (within reason).

13. Cook their favorite dinner and bake their favorite cookies.

14. Have a picnic in the backyard (or the living room) and “invite” your child’s favorite stuffed animals.

kids birthdays during quarantine

15. Prepare a few small gifts to offer your child throughout the day to make their day feel more special.

16. Invite your child’s friends to create birthday cards or drawings for your child and send you a picture of them, then put together a slideshow with all the cards.

17. Prepare a Netflix party for your child to enjoy with their friends (here is how to do it).

18. Have a spa day at home and have fun together!

No matter what plans you have for your at-home celebration, don’t let the quarantine steal the joy of your child’s birthday!

There are many ways to make kids feel special and prepare a memorable birthday despite of the quarantine! Have a wonderful celebration!

If you're preparing to celebrate your child's birthday during lockdown, here are 18 ideas for lovely at-home celebrations that will make your child feel special!

--- Birthday ideas for kids during social distancing

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