love languages of children gifts

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Inside: Discover easy and powerful ideas to help you connect with your child using the forth of the 5 love languages of children: gifts. They can make a big difference and help you build a strong relationship with your child!

love languages of children gifts

Discovering the 5 love languages of children and using them to show kids how loved they are will unlock their heart and make them very happy!

This is why I decided to start a series of articles focused on easy ideas to express love and connect with the kids using the love languages.

If your child has physical touch as their primary love language you’ll find here easy ideas that you can use anytime you want to make them feel loved.

The 5 love languages of children

The concept of love languages was introduced by Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell. They explained that people have different ways to express and receive love. It’s very important for any relationship to be able to “speak” the love language of the partner.

This applies to couple relationships but also to the parent-child relationships and any other close relationships in our lives. They focused more on how this applies to kids in their book – “The five love languages of children“.

The 5 love languages of children are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time.

How to discover your child’s love language

Learning the love language of your child can have a big impact on your relationship. It was a lesson that was very precious to me and I’m sure that it can make a big difference for you too!

Here are some easy ways to do discover your child’s love language:

  • aks your child what makes them feel loved
  • try to use the 5 love languages one by one and notice how your child reacts to each of them
  • for young children use role play using stuffed animals to find out how your child sees love
  • notice how your child expresses their love for you (it might offer you good clues on how they want to receive love).

People usually have one primary love language and one secondary love language so don’t be surprised if you discover characteristics from two or more categories.

You can find more details about the 5 love languages of children and their importance in this article.

Love languages of children: Gifts

Kids who have quality time as their primary love language enjoy receiving special gifts and surprises.

You don’t need to offer them expensive things but be thoughtful and offer them small gifts that will bring them joy.

love languages of children gifts

If your child fits into this category, here are some easy ways to show them love and make them feel happy.

1. Prepare small gifts for your child and leave them around the house for them to find.

2. Prepare a homemade gift for your child.

3. Use colorful wrapping paper to wrap small gifts and make them look more special.

4. Prepare your child’s favorite meal or dessert.

5. Prepare a surprise gift for your child to discover as soon as they wake up.

6. Give your child a meaningful gift like a personalized book or toy.

7. Prepare easy and fun surprises for your child.

8. Surprise your child with some unique experience gifts (they are great for building happy memories with your child).

9. Sign up for a monthly subscription box for kids – it’s like receiving a special gift every month. (This is our favorite subscription box and we love receiving their boxes every month!)

10. Create a journal to record special moments in your child’s life.

11. Create a photo book every year with your child’s favorite photos and memories.

12. Offer your child a special book focused on the love between mom and child.

13. Purchase tickets to an event that your child would love.

14. Create a special craft for your child (even if you are not talented at this).

15. Prepare a gift treasure hunt and have fun as your child discovers the clues.

More ideas to help you connect with your kids

Other love languages of children

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If your child's love language is receiving gifts, here are 15 easy ideas to make them feel loved and offer them meaningful gifts that will help you connect with them! --- Love languages of children | Connecting with kids | Love languages for kids | Positive parenting tips #ParentingTips


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