March activities for kids

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Inside: Discover a list of easy March activities for kids that will help you connect with your little ones and have fun together!

Last year I started creating an activity poster at the beginning of each month and displaying it on the fridge.

Every time we are looking for an easy and fun activity to do together, we quickly pick something from the list and put it into practice.

This made it easier for us to spend quality time together, and brought many happy moments in our home!

If you are looking for simple activities to try with your kids this month, I hope you’ll enjoy our list as well!

March activities for kids: 19 easy and fun ideas to try this month

Our list includes 19 simple activities to try with your kids during the month.

You can download the printable poster at the end of this article, which also includes details about the activities and a bonus list of special days to celebrate in March.

march activities for kids printable activity list

⭐ Download the printable list of March activities

Here are our activity ideas for this month:

1. Have a picnic in the park.

2. Create DIY nature crowns.

Make a paper crown, add a layer of double-sided tape all around it, and decorate it with small flowers, petals and leaves during a nature walk.

3. Go on a “gold coin” treasure hunt.

This is a fun activity to try on St. Patrick’s Day! Hide 20 “gold coins” (made out of cardboard or paper) and invite the kids to find them to “unlock” a little sweet surprise.

4. Prepare a spring sensory play bin. 

Here are some ideas to try with young kids: gardening sensory bin, insects sensory bin, rainbow rice bin with Easter eggs.

5. Play LEGO games together. 

Here are 5 fun ideas to try.

Lego games for kids March activities for kids

6. Make DIY stick wands.

Collect sticks during a walk and decorate them with paint or yarn.

7. Make a rainbow craft.

Create a rainbow shape using cardboard, divide it into 7 sections (one for each color of the rainbow), and invite the kids to decorate each section using crayons, pieces of paper, and craft supplies.

March activities for kids rainbow craft

8. Try a spring art project.

Here are some ideas to try:

9. Create playdough insects.

Prepare the supplies (playdough, googly eyes, pom poms,  pipe cleaners, beads, or any other craft supplies you have at hand) and create fun and colorful playdough insects.

10. Go on a spring photo walk.

During a family walk, invite the kids to look for signs of spring in nature and take a picture of them. After a few weeks, you can return to the same places and observe how nature changed since you took the pictures.

11. “Rainbow name” activity

Trace your child’s name on a big paper.Then invite them to use colored pieces of paper to decorate each letter and create a “rainbow” name.

March activities for kids rainbow name

Another idea you can try is inviting your kids to build their “rainbow name” using colored LEGO bricks.

12. Read Dr. Seuss books (& watch a movie inspired them).

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day. Celebrate it by reading some of his books and watching a movie inspired by them (e.g, “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax”).

13. Paint with music.

Put on your family’s favorite playlist and let it inspire you while painting.

14. Make DIY Easter decorations for your home (e.g, an Easter egg garland).

March activities for kids DIY Easter decorations

15. Build a paper bag kite.

To create the kite you will need: a paper bag, drawing supplies (crayons, markers, or anything else you have at hand), crepe paper, yarn, tape and glue.

March activities for kids paper bag kite

16. Have an ice cream sundae family night.

17. Make Easter bunny pancakes.

This is a lovely Easter morning tradition to start with your kids.

18. Plant seeds and watch them grow.

You can make Eggheads with cress hair, grow beans in a jar, or simply plant an egg carton seed tray.

19. Play sidewalk games (like hopscotch or a sidewalk chalk obstacle course).

🌱 Want to keep your kids busy and creative this spring and build happy memories together? Download the Spring Play and Creative Fun guide here and start enjoying the ideas with your little ones!

Download the printable list of March activities for kids (+ a bonus)

Click the link below to download the printable list of ideas. Then display it in your home, and enjoy the activities with your kids.

The printable file includes a bonus list of special days to celebrate in February (that will offer you even more inspiration for planning fun activities with your kids).

March activities for kids printable activity list

 ⭐ Download the printable March activity poster

I wish you a wonderful month of March with many happy moments with your family!

March activities for kids: Discover easy and fun ideas your kids will love!

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