March family activities

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“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” (Barbara Johnson)

As parents, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the tasks we need to do every day and miss the opportunity to enjoy our kids more.

The most important goal I have this year when it comes to my family is to remind myself every day to slow down, connect with my kids, and make them feel happy and loved.

And I know that the best way to make this happen is to be intentional about spending quality time with my family.

This is why I decided to create a family time calendar to help us connect and bring us closer. And I want to invite you to try it as well!

How is this activity calendar different

There are plenty of activity calendars online, but I wanted something different.

Although I love discovering awesome activity ideas on Pinterest, I realize that I won’t be able to put them into practice every day.

I don’t want to waste time gathering a lot of materials or preparing activities. So I looked for simple activities that we can make in 30 minutes a day (except the weekly family night), using only items we already have or printables I can easily create.

The main goal of using this calendar is to have something easy to do with my child every day to help us connect and have fun together.

Also, this is not a calendar with activities for kids to do on their own. Every single activity is meant to include the parent as well.

It’s not about inviting the child to build a robot out of LEGOs, it’s about building one together. It’s not about asking the child to draw a family portrait. It’s about the parent drawing one as well.

Every time you do one of these activities with your kids, and you draw, build, read, create something with them, you get the chance to get closer to them and build a strong, loving relationship. And this is what this monthly calendar is all about!

You won’t find here “fancy” activity ideas but you’ll certainly discover simple ways to bring more joy and connection to your family! And I hope you and your kids will enjoy them!

Here are the themes I chose for our calendar:

Monday: Family sharing time

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: Building

Thursday: Creativity

Friday: Family night

Saturday: Theme of the month

Every Saturday is dedicated to the theme of the month. This brings something new to each month and adds more fun to every week.

For March, the theme is “Kindness”.

Sunday: Outdoor / active

How to download and use the Family Time Calendar

If you want to use the Family Time Calendar with your kids, here are 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the printable Family Time Calendar using the link below.

2. You’ll receive the printable calendar per email together with a link to a special page where you’ll find all the details about the activities and the printable files you’ll need during the month.

3. Display the calendar in your home, and start enjoying happy moments with your kids every day.

 Click here to download the March Family Time Calendar

What is included in the March Family Time Calendar

Activities included in the theme of the month (Kindness):

  • Prepare a donate box with clothes and toys
  • Mail a postcard and an artwork to a friend or relative
  • Create “Kindness Bookmarks” (printable included)
  • Make a bird feeder and hang it in a tree.

Family night ideas for March:

  • “Fashion show” night: Invite every family member to choose 3 silly outfits and create a fun fashion show. To make the activity more fun for the kids let them choose things from your closet.
  • Movie night: Watch a movie inspired by a book. (here is a list of Disney movies inspired by books)
  • Family night fun: Have a tea party.

If you want to try different ideas for your family night, here is a list of 40 great family night ideas to inspire you.

⭐ To get all the details about the activities and the printable files mentioned in the calendar, download the March Family Time Calendar here.

I wish you a wonderful month of March with many happy moments with your family!

Download the printable family time calendar and enjoy easy and fun family activities that will bring you closer to your kids!

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