match game for kids using plastic eggs

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One of the things my son practiced a lot at school in the last weeks was adding numbers up to 20. To make this activity more fun for him, I decided to create an easy game using plastic eggs.

This game is a simple and playful way to encourage kids to practice their math skills and can be adapted for many ages:

  • for preschoolers you can simplify the activity and just use small numbers to make the addition easier
  • for older kids you can use bigger numbers or even transform the game into a multiplication game instead of an addition game.
match game for kids using plastic eggs

How to prepare this easy math game

To prepare this game you will need:

  • plastic eggs
  • an egg carton
  • sharpie marker
  • paper or note cards.

Use the marker to write numbers on both the top and the bottom part of the eggs.

match game for kids using plastic eggs

Then, create task cards for the game. On a piece of paper (or a note card) draw a frame that matches the egg carton and add numbers inside it (these numbers will be the sum of the numbers on the eggs).

match game for kids using plastic eggs

We used some big plastic eggs and couldn’t place one egg in each hole, so I created a pattern for the eggs. If you use smaller eggs, you can have one in each hole of the egg carton.

Math game for kids: Practice addition by finding the right match

Place all the egg halves in a big bowl and place it on the table next to the empty egg carton and the task cards.

match game for kids using plastic eggs

Invite the kids to match the halves to get each of the sums on the task card and place the eggs inside the egg carton.

I hope that your kids will enjoy this game and that it will make practicing addition more fun for them!

A fun math activity for kids that will make addition more fun for your child

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