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  • paper bags
  • tape
  • craft supplies (like craft sticks, pom pom, mini clothespins, pipe cleaners, glue dots, yarn, etc)
  • loose parts (like screws, bolts, wooden pieces, paper rolls, straws, etc)


  • Preparing mystery bags with items the kids can use for fun inventions is a great way to boost their creativity.
  • The items inside the bags can be craft supplies, loose parts, or even art supplies like paint sticks or markers. Make sure to include in each bag an item that can connect the other items (e.g, glue dots, tape, yarn).
  • Invite the kids to choose one of the mystery bags without looking inside and come up with an invention that uses all the items inside the bag. (They can use additional items they have at hand as well, but they need to use all the items in the bag.)

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